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Plan your career in Big Data & Business Intelligence through Online training

By Diwakar Chittora, CEO, Intellipaat.com


Diwakar Chittora, CEO, Intellipaat.com

Every company today is heavily dependent on its technological infrastructure and is in turn accumulating unaccountable volumes of information that is clogging servers without a meaningful purpose. The need of the hour is recruiting employees who have a good hand at working with upgraded technologies, can deal with this burgeoning data and put it to good use. This is where technologies like Big Data and Business Intelligence are gaining precedence by manipulating vast amounts of information to lend productivity to the company's working. One of the crucial aspects to look at while honing a career in Big Data and Business Intelligence is firstly, getting trained by choosing the right course. Secondly,it involves networking towards getting the right job that does justice to your training.

So what is Big Data Analytics?
The term 'Big Data Analytics', refers to a collection of large chunks of complex data that cannot be dealt with, by using the conventional data processing applications. Big Data has the capability to store such humongous amount of data efficiently. Through Big Data, large sets of data can now be computed at tremendous speed, leading to its enhanced scale and accessibility. Big Data is usually thought of as something related to gathering data using software tools and creating dashboards and reports with the collected data. This is a narrow-version of the concept. Instead, the objective of Big Data Analytics goes beyond this. It enables companies to analyze data and then come up with business decisions and insights. Also, it helps companies to comprehend the gaps in the businesses and come up with effective solutions to increase revenue and reduce costs.

And what does Business Intelligence stand for?
Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the process of converting raw data into meaningful information that can be easily analyzed and applied to business decisions. Business Intelligence has the proficiency to tackle enormous amounts of unstructured and unorganized data that creates new avenues of strategic development for companies. It interprets extensive data easily, helps in recognizing opportunities and formulating efficient strategies. This gives businesses more stability and an edge over their competitors.

Driving Career Prospects Ahead
The IT industry that is completely based on large data has considerable demand for gen-next analytical skills that are compatible in a technology-dominated environment. It has been observed recently that many IT companies are giving employees the pink slip due to their lack of skills related to Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. This is a testament to the fact that such technological skills have become mandatory for not just getting employed in renowned IT firms but also for sustaining a fruitful career in the expansiverealm of Information Technology. Many online courses are now available for those who want to shine in the IT segment.

The Right Preparation before the Big Leap
A solid grounding in the field of statistics along with knowledge of BI tools and big data platforms is becoming vital to recruitment in IT driven firms today. IT-job aspirants are exploring online courses to hone their skills in tandem with the new requirements. These courses enable vendor specific and vendor neutral big data and BI certifications and are changing the way companies adapt to the challenges of handling voluminous amounts of data they accumulate on a daily basis.

Courses like Hadoop, Data Science, Tableau etc are among many other courses that is gaining significant popularity among the masses. As demand for talent in niche technology areas such as big data, Business Intelligence gets fierce, number of universities and institutes are emerging to keep up with the digital revolution. Institutes such as Intellipaat, NIIT, Aptech and other institutes in collaboration with universities or companies like IIMs ,IBM ,intel provides training solution to offers courses in Big data, Business Intelligence, cloud computing and many more. Job seekers and students who want to upgrade their skills can look upto these offline & online learning solutions.

Giving an Edge to Firms
IT professionals possessing these skills have to work with terabytes of data and cutting-edge technology to thrive in the dynamic environment today. Also, they have to work in tandem with the marketing, logistics and customer service departments to come up with insightful analyses that trigger the growth graph of the company. Besides this, they have to design reports based on their analyses, which further assist the company in taking major decisions. Such IT professionals who are competent in Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Technologies are people who have an analytical and a creative approach to fixing problems.
Information Technology is witnessing a revolution where ground-breaking technologies are being created to build seamless connections and foster innovations. Big Data as well as Business Intelligence have now become the doorway to success for IT organizations and for those striving to get a job in the industry. The technologies have created new avenues for aspirants to unleash their technological mettle in the fiercely-competitive market. Online courses in Big Data as well as Business Intelligence are thus empowering individuals to opt for sustainable IT careers and paving the way for a promising future.

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