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i-Sprint Innovations: Creating Innovative Security Solutions for the Enterprises

Successful organizations are built on a set of guiding principles. These principles set the organizational standards of practice and are followed collectively. Likewise, Singapore based i-Sprint Innovations (i-Sprint) has been built on 7 principles abbreviated i-S-P-R-I-N-T which is ICAM (Identity, Credential and Access Management Solution), Scalable, Partner and Customer Centric, Resilient, Innovation, Niche and Nimble, and Teamwork.

Having spent several years in security management roles in a global renowned bank, Mr. Dutch Ng and Mr. Albert Ching were well aware of the benefits—and importance—of Identity, Credential, and Access Management suites (ICAM) in corporate IT deployments. Therefore, they established i-Sprint in 2000 to offer ICAM Solutions to help organizations integrate trust and identity assurance services in their corporate IT systems.

i-Sprint primarily offers services to the banking industry, encompassing several comprehensive security solutions and set 5 security technology focus and future abbreviated A-B-C-D-E which is Authentication, Biometrics, Cloud, Device for Mobility and End to End Encryption.

i-Sprint delivers bank-grade, versatile and strong authentication (biometrics, multi-factor authentication and more) solutions, which include adaptive authentication, single sign-on services, end-to-end encryption (E2EE) authentication and data protection for transaction data and to secure access to web, mobile and cloud-based applications. Mr Dutch Ng, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We design bank-grade solutions that conforms to highest security standards accepted globally.” These solutions help customers with identity, credential and access management.

i-Sprint understands the growing business needs and is quick in shaping its services and adapting to the latest technological advancements.

i-Sprint understands the growing business needs and is quick in shaping its services and adapting to the latest technological advancements. Today, the company’s cloud protection product enforces security standards in its clients’ corporate IT deployments; its mobile protection software provides high level of security to customers who are accessing private corporate information on mobile devices using public networks.
Besides, the company’s solutions ensure positive identity claim and higher identity assurance. The E2EE offered by i-Sprint is useful in preventing internal frauds and data leakages. Mr Ng added, “By conducting open dialogue sessions with customers, we inherit the best practices as well as guide our customers on the latest trends in technology and help them achieve their targets.”

i-Sprint’s customer centric approach has enabled it to work with over one hundred financial institutions in the Southeast Asia region. Additionally, it hasprovided security services to insurance companies, government agencies, public utility services firms as well as to education, telecommunication, and manufacturing segments. The company thrives in the market by constantly revamping its products and services portfolio and by offering services that augur well with consumer demands. With strong teamwork, unwavering customer focus and unmatched technical competency in security domain, i-Sprint has delivered holistic solutions in a timely manner with zero security breach.

Apart from having strong foothold in Singapore, the Company has presence in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan and China. Mr Simon Leung, Chairman, stated, “Our prolonged history of serving banking industry has boosted our understanding of different business needs, enabling us to serve across industries at any time of their cycle.” i-Sprint has received Network World Asia 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards and has been listed at 50thposition in Cyber security 500 World’s Hottest Security Companies.

i-Sprint is expanding and plans to diversify its services to multinational enterprises across the globe. The Company is looking forward to expanding its Cloud, Mobility and Biometrics solutions. Its product identity protection solutions and event management suites are pioneering innovation in Identity Credential Access Management space. i-Sprint enjoys a commendable lead in the security technologies sector and will surely maintain so for the years to come.