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Security Infrastructure Solutions: Specialists in Industrial Cyber Security

“We’ve never been hacked, so I’m not worried”… When Dr Christopher Beggs heard those words from operators of critical infrastructure – the very systems that are essential to the functioning of society – he knew there was work to be done to help organisations ensure their industrial control systems are resilient from cyber threats.

Rewind eight years, Dr Beggs was finalising his doctorate (PhD)in cyber-terrorism and SCADA security – ground-breaking research at the time –Dr Beggs spent years observing the evolving threat of cyber attacks with increasing sophistication, frequency and scale, he knew there was an urgent need for critical infrastructure providers to rapidly advance their security capability and change their perception of the risks associated with cyber threats to Industrial Control Systems (ICS). At which point, Dr Beggs founded Security Infrastructure Solutions (SIS), to provide the independent advisory organisations needed to remain resilient to the emerging threat. As Dr Beggs recalls, “it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ industrial control systems will be compromised by cyber attack.”

Industrial control systems (ICS), such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and distributed control systems (DCS) are used to operate, monitor and control electricity generation, transmission and distribution, oil and gas pipelines and refineries, water treatment plants, chemical factories, manufacturing, and transport infrastructures. Such systems that were once isolated from corporate networks are now becoming increasingly interconnected, exposing them to significantly more internal and external threats. Coupled with the ability to cause devastating impacts, attacks on such utility companies has made them high-value targets -Attackers may seek to destroy equipment at facilities, create chaos in the community or ultimately cause physical harm.
This interconnection and convergence of ICS with IT networks for production optimisation has created the need for companies with operational technology to make control system security a priority. SIS is perfectly placed to provide the specialised security advisory that organisation’s are seeking, to safeguard their control systems. As Managing Director, Dr Beggs has ensured SIS has remained at the forefront of industrial control system cyber security, with the vision to become the leading consultancy organisation in the industry, within the Asia Pacific region.

SIS provides endto-end ICS cyber security consultancy services, with a core focus on currentsstate evaluation and risk assessment profiling

SIS provides end-to-end ICS cyber security consultancy services, with a core focus on currents-state evaluation and risk assessment profiling for its vast portfolio of clients, to then help them build a security capability that is practical, in line with their business objectives.SIS’ team of control system security consultants specialise in strategic management frameworks for ICS security – focusing equally on people, process and technology security controls.

Working with control systems every day, clients find the SIS team’s wealth of ICS security expertise invaluable, at a time when knowledge of threats and mitigating solutions is immature, in comparison to the IT domain. There is no doubt that the threat to ICS is escalating, organisations with industrial operations need to invest as much in securing ICS networks as they have in securing business IT environments in recent years. Through the leadership of Dr Beggs, SIS’ team of security consultants are rapidly becoming known as the ‘go-to-guys’ for ICS security services in the Asia Pacific region.