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25 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solutions Providers

Yinkozi: Inciting Progress through threat-based security

The ease of access presented by today’s enterprise infrastructure has paved the way for major security concerns amongst all types of organization. The rising complexity of the enterprise infrastructure guided by today’s evolving technological advances has further entangled the implementation of security measures and created a major problem for the management of many corporations. Therefore, it has become imperative for companies to seek out a solution that addresses the issues posed by both the complexity of infrastructure and the dire need for adept security measures. To this end, Hong Kong-based firm Yinkozi offers the most appropriate resolution that answers all the issues faced by the enterprise in terms of security. Based out of a bustling IT hub, Yinkozi remains at the forefront of the technological frontier and has encountered every possible scenario and challenge in terms of enterprise security.

Yinkozi’s elaborate approach towards the identification of common vulnerabilities by using customized, non-commercial tools truly sets the company’s services apart from industry peers

Yinkozi specializes in rendering security services that provide clients with the transparency required to comprehend the intricacies involved in enterprise security management. The now familiarity of modern day technology has combined with ubiquity to create a more difficult environment to carry out business. Yinkozi focuses on securing company assets individually instead of implementing a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Yinkozi’s strong suit is delivering services that optimize every individual aspect of an organization’s security system. The company also focuses on the most vulnerable areas which are not only prone to security threats but can also be exploited quickly and effectively by attackers. Yinkozi’s technicians treat these areas with the utmost priority by constantly monitoring and screening for potential threats.
“Because attackers often take advantage of a combination of vulnerabilities affecting different parts of the system, we look at the client’s entire network from a threat perspective and focus on discovering weaknesses that can be exploited quickly and effectively”
–Mr Loic Falletta, Founder and Principal Security Consultant, Yinkozi.

Supported by a team of Senior Consultants with long term engagements, Yinkozi is able to delve deep into its clients’ security system to isolate threats &weak points and enhance them accordingly. Yinkozi’s elaborate approach towards the identification of common vulnerabilities by using customized, non-commercial tools truly sets the company’s services apart from industry peers. “We apply a series of highly specialized tests that are customized to each individual's environment within borders to discover complex, obscure, and commonly unidentified vulnerabilities,” explains Mr Falletta. The team then proceeds to conduct an in-depth analysis of the test results to arrive at strategies that can be deployed to negate these vulnerabilities.

During the analysis, Yinkozi prioritizes the risk level by calculating both the technical and business impacts on the system while addressing each issue accordingly. This enables the company to effectively compute the ROI for its clients. Its overall proficiency in delivering effective solutions has enabled Yinkozi to establish itself on a global basis with emphasis in the UK, South Africa, and the Middle East. With its area of influence gradually growing, the company intends to extend its unique brand of services to other parts of the world in the coming years.
“Our objective is to be one of the world’s premier cyber security companies by connecting security technology to the operation of the business,” says Loic, on the future roadmap for Yinkozi.