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AIM Corporate Solutions (ACSI): The ‘Service’s First, Product Next’ IT Company

Organizations are finally waking up to the threats posed by security loopholes in their IT implementations. And as more and more companies outsource their core operations to offshore centres and demand full mobility of their staff, there is an imperative need for organizations to secure IT systems and tighten their privacy policies. Also, as every business strives to increase availability levels of their IT systems and enhance security, adopting fault tolerant systems can offer the simplest way out.

Security standards and frameworks are increasingly being adopted by businesses as a proof of their IT credentials. However, implementing and managing a fault-tolerant infrastructure while mitigating security risks has always been a challenge. Product compliance in the international market and client’s increasing awareness on information security and system availability issues also casts uncertainties. Hence, many IT companies are turning to professional organizations that can manage and support their IT operations.

ACSI’s core team meticulously evaluates researches and analyses every IT product, methodology and technology out there in the market

AIM Corporate Solutions, Inc. (ACSI) was incorporated in 1998 in Makati City, Philippines, to meet the industry’s growing demands for secure and fault-tolerant IT implementations. The primary motto behind establishing the company was to address the client’s concerns through planning, training and developing robust technologies. Although the organization was formed to manage sales and support SME’s, in due course of time owing to growing demands, the company diversified its services and forayed into offering services that include technical consultancy, infrastructural advisory for management and design of fault-tolerant infrastructure. Understanding the impact of downtime on IT operations in today’s connected world, ASCI began offering information security and compliance consulting and resource augmentation services. Vladimir de Ramos, President and General Manager explains, “We have carried several IT-related products, but we have always maintained our ‘service first, products next’ approach.”

ACSI’s core competency lies in providing fault tolerant Infrastructure development & support services, information security & compliance and resource augmentation services.The company has implemented innumerable
IT solutions for its clients across Philippines. The organization’s clientele includes commercial banks, educational institutions, multinational manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, power generation companies, multinational offshore companies and multinational shared services companies. Being a client-centric organization, the ACSI’s primary focus is to mitigate customer’s business related concerns. Vladimir adds, “We are highly technical and standards driven company. We know what we do technically, not just conceptually and theoretically as well.”

By aligning well with its client’s business needs, constraints and budgets, ACSI thrives to be a vendor and product agnostic company. The organization also has partnership with Stratus Technologies and Nexus Portwise for its two factor authentication system. The company’s infrastructure designers, engineers and information security analysts have global certifications, a factor that helps it to implement, manage and maintain in accordance with its clients’ needs. ACSI’s core team meticulously evaluates researches and analyses every IT product, methodology and technology out there in the market. The company also provides periodic trainings to its employees to keep them abreast with the latest in technology. Collaborating with other organizations also provides unique learning experiences.

ACSI’s social media presence has further accelerated its growth in the market. It has recently reshuffled its internal operations and human resources to align with the growing business dynamics. Strengthening the organization’s information security and implementing its own standardization process remains ACSI’s goal. Being in a niche domain, the company takes pride in supporting client’s entire IT processes, while they focus on their core businesses.