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Diversified Technology Solutions International: Enabling Philippine’s IT-BPO Industries

The proliferation of disruptive technologies into corporate IT and a growing reliance on unified communication channels have made it increasingly challenging for companies to manage their IT operations. This is when they shouldratherbe focusing on their core businesses in a competitive marketplace. Result? They outsource. Deloitte’s 2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey suggests that organizations outsource nearly 60 percent of their IT jobs and that there has been a 50 percent spike in BPO outsourcing. What it doesn’t mention, is that behind the scenes, there areorganizations which act as primary drivers for such dramatic business transformations. They enable BPO service providers to take on these cost savings and solve their technical challenges on a daily basis.

Based in Makati City, Philippines, Diversified Technology Systems Inc. (DTSI) does exactly that. Founded by Miguel Garcia, President and CEO, DTSI is one such firm which stands as a prime enabler of Philippine’s IT-Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) industry, providing innovative, end-to-end facilities, IT and advanced communication services and other game-changing technologies to the global corporations. Miguel, one of the Philippines’ foremost advocates, started the company’s operation as a technology start-up in 1997. Within a span of three years, he transformed the company into a full-fledged system integrator, catering to the growing demands of off shoring and outsourcing business in Philippines. Further growthof BPO work from USA provided the opportunity for DTSI to form a subsidiary—Diversified Technology Solutions International Inc.—and later incorporated DTSI USA to support its businesses across geographies. From a technology startup company with only five employees, today DTSI employs approximately 350 skilled resources spread across various locations.DTSI’s facilities service has in-house design, commercial and project management teams, consisting of architects, interior designers, engineers and project managers.
They work as a team to conceptualize the best facilities solution considering the client’s business needs and long term goals. DTSI deploys state-of-the-art technologies to optimize day-to-day operations and improves customer engagement for its clients who primarily operate BPO businesses. Through its IT capability—custom-built servers, enterprise software, document management solutions, storage and system management solutions—DTSI optimizes cost and enhances productivity for clients. Through their advanced communication solutions, DTSI provides voice and screen recordings, audio and video conferencing and unified communication technologies that exceeds the needs of its clients.

DTSI deploys state-of-the-art technologies to optimize day-to-day operations and improves customer engagement for its clients who primarily operate BPO businesses

“We provide turnkey facility solutions and managed services that facilitatesthe setup of Global In-House Centers (GICs)” adds Miguel. It doesn’t end here though, DTSI’s continued service agreement ensures that its certified IT professionals provide end-to-end managed IT services including maintenance, monitoring, reporting, and maintain a 24/7 service desk. Its services has captivated some of the industry’s stalwarts like Accenture, Citibank N.A.,Convey Healthcare Solutions, Genpact, Teleperformance, etc.

For IT-BPO and many other industry verticals, insurance, hospitality, education, airlines, financial services, manufacturing and real estate industries, DTSI has been acknowledged through numerous honors. It has receivedFrost & Sullivan Philippines Excellence Award, for three successive years (2013 to 2015); Avaya’sTop Business Partner award in 12of the last 13 years, and; Avaya ASEAN Top Unified Communication Partner, among others. Though DTSI has come a long way, it remains committed to delivering truly customer-centric solutions and services. Miguel sums up, “Everyday, DTSI Group opens new doors of opportunities and enables limitless possibilities—growing further, breaking boundaries, and taking the company to greater heights.”