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eSolia Inc: Simplifying IT Challenges of Multi-Lingual Environments

The IT services industry is in dire need of firms that are in a contant process of technological evolution and provide greater fiancial returns to their clients. When these two traits co-exist, an organizationdoes not just excel in the industry, but also creates a specific differentiator for itself in an industry riddled with tough competition. Fusing these important aspects in their company’s functioning, eSolia Inc has been providing high-quality business-focused consulting, project and outsourcing services to their clients since 1999.Standing as a testimony to eSolia’s customer commitment is the comapany’s successful "cloud" initiative, that positioned them among the first group of cloud innovators in the business world.
Headquartered in Japan, eSolia has built a company of bilingual engineers, who are proficient in both Japanese and English, to serve their mutilingual client base. This forms a critical basis for the organization’s stronghold in the industry. The company is also known to help clients understand and adapt to newer technologies, which can otherise be a daunting task. In the process, this versatile company has provided new ideas and a wide array of options for clients to implement key technological trends.Rick Cogley, Founder & CEO, eSolia comments, “For constant change one necessarilyrequires constant learning. We invest in resources and training and keep up with the evolving technological landscape. In addition, our internal training methods help our engineers think about technology in a flexible manner, so that they can apply previous knowledge to the new.”
eSolia’s range of services include consulting, cloud services and security.Making the most of their knowledge and expertise, eSolia helps clients meet business goals with the help of their robust consulting services in several areas namely Japan market entry,Japan office setup.
IT Infrastructure build, Datacenter, Flexible cloud database, Logistics distribution center setup and related IT and enterprise software deployment.

eSolia’s customer commitment is the comapany’s successful "cloud" initiative, that positioned them among the first group of cloud innovators in the business world

Creating proactive solutions to strenthen intimacy with the customer, eSoliaprovides foresight for better security management of clients’ critical security systems and offers end-to-end services such asPROdb. With PROdb Cloud database, the complex database setup and its maintainence becomes smooth, hassle-free and fast. PROdb is formed on the basis of proven technology and runs on a cluster of SQL relational database. Understanding their individual client’s company proceedings, eSolia utilizes PROdb accordingly so that the clients can capture transactions, manage workflow and manage their business. PROdb is put into use across various domains such as HR Personnel Admin, Time & Expense, Employee Leave Tracking, Contact Management, Sales Pipeline Admin, Website Lead Connection, Quotation Engine, Product Inventory, Sample Requests, Service Desk Ticketing, Real Estate Properties and IT Asset Management.
Owing to such robust services and client-oriented nature, eSolia’s clienteleincludes prestigious names such as Abiomed, Neways, Cook Medical, CooperVision, Bekaert, BTMF, FEI Company, Lazard Frere, Lazard Asset Management, Link Healthcare among others. “ We have a solid process and methodology in place, that will support a larger team, so, we intend to increase our organization’s size and thereby our skill set depth as well. We want to be the "go to" team to help companies entering Japan.”