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Exist Software Labs: Tailoring Cost Effective IT Solutions for the Global Market

“Technology makes the world a new place.” This quote by Shoshana Zuboff, a professor at the Harvard Business School defines the potential that technology holds. For eons technology has been associated with progress. It has now become the essence of business and this is reflected in the operations of Exist Software Labs, a software development firm headquartered in Manila, Philippines. The company offers a broad range of IT services that fosters business transformation. It has been recognized as one of the early adopters of Java Open Source Software, which is now the go to platform for most business and non-business systems. The company caters to small, medium, and large enterprises in conjunction with its vision to become the premiere enterprise solutions provider in Asia.

The Journey So Far
Every newly formed business has a story to tell and Exist Software Labs too has its own tale to share. Founded in 2001, Exist’s top priority has always been to render innovative software solutions across all industries irrespective of the nature of their businesses. Michael Lim, President & CEO, Exist Software Labs, since its inception has been quite supportive of Java Open Source Software, which has been crucial in purveying cost effective solutions to its clients. Michael co-founded the company with the goal to create the best alternative to licensed software for its clients, which has already been achieved by the team. The team of professionals at Exist’s disposal constantly strive towards delivering the most suitable business enterprise solutions to its clients enabling them to expand their work potential further.

Delivering competent and tailor made IT solutions
Not every firm can accurately meet the requirements of a client especially when technology is concerned. But, for this software development company, the customer’s needs have always been considered high priority. Ever since its inception, it has dealt with every hurdle that has challenged its clients’ businesses. From cost related issues that came with costly technologies to
managing the specific needs and business processes that off-the-shelf products didn’t deal with, this IT services company undertakes projects of all levels of intricacy. With its open source technology and low development cost, the organization has been able to garner a vast client base across Asia Pacific, Australia and the US. The company at present marks a global presence with offices in Manila and Cebu in PH. “Building solutions for the different verticals including Banking, Telco, Retail and Healthcare, allowed us to gain the domain expertise to be able to analyze better how to better serve their customers. Thus, Big Data and Data Analytics was a natural progression for us as technologists,” explains Michael. The domain expertise and in-depth knowledge of developing big data platforms has enabled Exist to extend the most effective IT solutions to the clients. Exist, beyond these services has introduced a product called Anahaw Retail Enterprise Solution, which helps addressing the challenges faced by retailers across ASEAN countries. The company consequent to its continuous efforts has also bagged various awards and recognitions including Red Herring’s 100 Prestigious Startup award (2006). The company has also been ranked as the Most Progressive Home grown Company in the field of Software Development by the Philippines’ Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (2008).

The core competence of Exist Software Labs has always been in Open Source Java to achieve business parameters like Time-to-Market, ROI and TCO in a relatively lesser time.

The core competence of Exist Software Labs has always been in Open Source Java to achieve business parameters like Time-to-Market, ROI and TCO in a relatively lesser amount of time. “We believe that we have found a common denominator and we intend to capitalize on it by building products using Open Source that will address some, if not most, of the problems, both on a technology and business perspective. We want to be able to build cost-effective, highly robust, highly customizable and easy-to-use products that the consumers and the enterprise really need,” elucidates Michael.