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Millennium Technology Services: Crafting Innovative and Cost-effective Business Models

As the global technology industry slowly undergoes changes, organizations have also ventured in with new and improved business models. In more than one way, these business models have enabled companies to understand and address the unique business needs. Even some of the strategies so easily adapted by modern enterprises today were earlier regarded non-profitable and too risky in nature. Contrarily these strategies have created the perfect setup for continued expansion of products and services and have redefined the market.

For instance, the story of Google, one of the largest companies in the world is well-known. A visionary approach by Google founders led to the introduction of Google AdWords that fuelled the growth of inexpensive online advertisements almost overnight. From a simple search tool company to a web advertising giant, this change in business model orchestrated the path for Google’s notable presence in the Global Business Stage.

With similar innovative business formulae are emerging onto the scene in a repetitive manner, delivering customer value still remains the top priority amongst the lot. By creating higher levels of customer service, every competitive organization is trying its best to make major contributions in this age of transformation and achieve success in the constantly changing market landscape.

Winning the Battle for Customer Service Excellence
For organizations that aim to develop stronger relationships with customers, the most important step is to craft a diversified and unique service portfolio in the market. The most reliable companies have always been the first ones to anticipate future enhancements and also the leaders in deploying them based on technological innovations. Following this golden rule to achieve excellence in customer support, Millennium Technology Services was founded as a company determined to change the traditional IT businesses model through world-class business solutions and IT services. The company provides B2B IT technology & outsourcing services for large enterprises and government bodies.

Millennium Technology Services Enterprise Services, which includes Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), Enterprise Network Services (ENS), Enterprise Process Services (EPS) and Enterprise Outsourcing Services (EOS), provide customers with an agile approach to upgrade their enterprise architecture. The company’s enterprise services allow users to seamlessly decode complex IT environments and create the foundation for new applications and platforms. The company has been a pioneer in the planning and implementation of IT outsourcing services across East Asia and South East Asia. The key EOS services offered by Millennium Technology Services are Consultancy Services, Structured cabling, Data Center setup, Monitoring (Security / Networks), UPS / Fire Systems, Project Management, Communications and IT Infrastructure, Maintenance Services, Implementation Services, Communications and Virtualization Services.

At every step, Millennium Technology Services provides extensive support to customers for deploying and managing its tailored Enterprise Outsourcing Services (EOS). All Along the service delivery process, the company focuses on performance management and the empowerment of IT administrators to lower costs and complexity. Millennium Technology Services engineers have divided service delivery into four sub-specialties dubbed Service Management, ITIL Management, Remote Management and On-site Management for their reporting and analysis purposes. Taking service support to the next level, the company dedicates itself fully to monitor each and every aspect of incident and escalation management, problem management, change management and service management.

Millennium Technology Services has been a pioneer in the planning and implementation of IT outsourcing services across East Asia and South East Asia

A case in point where Millennium Technology Services helped a client by solving their IT challenges was when a reputable Global Bank hired the services of Millennium Technology Services on a multi-million dollar deal to manage their data infrastructure refresh. Through the company’s Enterprise Resource and Outsourcing Services, the Global bank improved the stability of its data environment thereby creating an efficient IT system. Millennium Technology Services has also been the driving force behind the credible call center solutions adopted by industry biggies such as ING, Stream, Bank of Dalian, Intergloble Technology, Sutherland Global and Genpact.

An exclusive list of clients that includes Fortune 500 companies bear testimony to the ability of the team of experts and the promising talent within the organization. The company’s trump card is its well- trained and proficient team. While collaborating with all the major vendors from different geographies, the Millennium Technology Services team can converse in any specific language to understand client’s mission critical business requirements. This customer oriented approach and uniqueness in handling
different cultures comes from the combined expertise and experience gained by the more than competent team that has served Millennium Technology Services clients for years.

Why Choose Millennium Technology Services Performance Platform?
The company started its full scale operations in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China on December 18, 2014 under the proven leadership of Andy Tan, Arjan J Groot Baltink and Wang Yang. With a commitment to provide the best practices in IT Technology Services Business, the three founders introduced a technology based platform named Millennium Technology Services performance platform with the ability to raise the quality standard of any IT/Communication infrastructure. Through the Millennium Technology Services performance platform, the company is well equipped to leverage its cost effective service model, and also bring value by ensuring competitive
advantages through innovation for the IT Outsourcing Industry in China.

The Millennium Technology Services performance platform aims to simplify business processes, and unify customer experience engagement channels that can provide direct access to the customers on the type of services or resources they want. More specifically, it also works to increase the technical talent pool in an organization by helping them learn new ways of creating speed and agility in a client's IT project. “Clients are also looking for experts whom are able to provide quality IT services meeting more stringent business requirements. Millennium Technology Services Performance platform will be able to provide premium quality IT/Communication infrastructure services through the Millennium Technology Services eco system that is benchmark against quality, responsiveness and cost effective service model,” points out Andy.

Millennium Technology Services strength is to deliver immediate access to a performance platform that is fast, secure and user friendly has been the company’s main driver. Millennium Technology Services performance platform is focused on accelerating different stages of research and development in the IT Technology Services. The high impact performance platform has enabled IT transformation in complex projects in an innovative and cost-effective way. Solving the unique requirements of wholesome IT platforms, Millennium Technology Services redefines the traditional way of providing IT services by creating the new business models that can be deployed quickly owing to the flexibility of the performance platform. “Millennium Technology Services performance platform is actually trend setting for future IT managed services. It is leading a transformation to a new way of working in the IT Technology Services. Millennium Technology Services will continue to manage their cost effectively via the new business model. Our company will lead the future industry standard due to its innovative business and cost effective business model,” explains Andy.

Accelerating Service Delivery
The current trends have shown that the IT industry is soon becoming one of the most significant contributors for commercially used products on a larger scale. This presents several challenges in terms of maintaining quality in an organization’s IT infrastructure. Laying the groundwork for quality IT management, the Millennium Technology Services team conforms with the strict standard six sigma, ISO, ITIL, SLA/KPI compliances. Millennium Technology services follows an unbridled approach in monitoring customer feedbacks, which aids the company in fixing their quality issues. “Customer feedbacks will be taken seriously and industry trends will be monitored closely so as to keep us to industry developments. Our execution is based on our mission – Agile and Lean!,” elaborates Andy.

With main offices in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Korea and other geographies, Millennium Technology Services has already made its presence felt in all of East Asia and South-east Asia. Millennium Technology Services serves a multitude of MNCs including fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems, IBM, HP, Avaya, Sutherland Global, Interglobe Technologies, and General Electric. The company enjoys a strong following in the Travel &Transportation, Financial Services, Manufacturing and automotive industries. Millennium Technology Services is a major provider of network service solutions in the major casinos of Macau and Singapore. The company has also forayed into the financial sector where it implements its expertise around technologies such as Network Refresh, Network Optimization, Datacenter Migrations, Implementations of Voice and Network Solutions, Datacenter and Call Center implementations.

In the manufacturing sector of China, Millennium Technology Services has taken a strategic initiative to invest heavily in helping organizations achieve project execution at a lower price before the delivery time. With its platform, the company has been addressing IT constraints of companies active in the manufacturing sector. Leveraging the opportunities in China for the sector, the company has been on the growth curve and has set benchmarks for IT infrastructure maintenance, support and enhancement.

Millennium Technology Services has addressed significant technological challenges faced in geographies such as Indonesia, Macau and Malaysia. As the future hubs for the Asia-Pacific IT community, these regions have made great progress and the company continues to drive huge cost-and-efficiency benefits with a focus on empowering customers.

In the years to come Millennium Technology Services aims to achieve widespread success in the globally competitive IT industry and deliver progressive solutions for IT infrastructure/communication services. The company’s investment in capability build for Cloud, Mobile, Analytics and Social Media has also greatly improved the company’s ability to respond efficiently to the ever-evolving needs of IT users. The confident CEO of Millennium Technology Services, Andy signs off by saying, “Similar to the US MNCs in the 1990s, it is time that an alternative company in the world comes to the forefront to service next generations’ companies, and all geographical areas that are politically neutral and business friendly.”