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25 Most Promising IT Services Companies

PTC Systems: The Go-to Service Provider in the IT Industry

An organization looking to evolve through modern software development methodologies needs to create faster feedback cycles with customers so that it can understand their business requirements better. Providing end-to-end services and following up with the clients after implementation of their technological services is what a client-oriented IT company like PTC Systems does. To quote Ken CHUA, Executive director, PTC, “The objective of PTC is to solve IT challenges faced by our customers and to ensure that we are accountable for all the technical related issues after implementation. We intend to be both helpful and resourceful to our customers in all their technology driven initiatives.” The fusion of PTC’s go-to services, their client-oriented nature and the easy adoption of the latest technological trends are the factors which have made the company distinguished and set its position as a trailblazer in the IT industry since their inception in 1991.

PTC’s commitment to solve technology challenges and to deliver IT automation, cost-savings and improved business processes has been driven by the principle of putting the customer first

Headquartered in Singapore and having a presence in Honk Kong, Malaysia and Myanmar, PTC Systems strives to improve quality and time to market of organizations through its tailored IT services. The company’s strength in integrating various technologies to bring about the best outcome for their customers has made them grow leaps and bounds in the evolving IT market of Singapore. Acknowledging the importance of keeping up with the latest technologies and trends, the company is in a constant process of technological upheaval. Implementation of these complex technologies for partners is done by the company’s fully-trained engineers, who not only help in the implementation of the latest technologies but also help in assisting their clients with extensive technological support and industry best practices. PTC’s commitment to solve technology challenges and to deliver IT automation, cost-savings and improved business processes has been driven by the
principle of putting the customer first. The company provides various types of support, including on-site service, normal office hours, 24x7 support, maintenance, e-mail support and educational services. By using techniques such as Enterprise Data Management, PTC helps its customers to achieve a total "Software Defined Data Center" solution. These Enterprise Data Management Solutions and Services include: SDDC Transformation, Infra Convergence and Hybrid IT, Data Storage, Data Protection and Disaster Recovery, Server and Desktop Virtualization, Network Management and IT Service Management, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and Cyber Securities. The company offers consultancy services to provide guidance to customers on how to solve issues on complexity of IT infrastructure, bandwidth resources, disaster recovery, and storage growth of data and total cost of ownership. The company’s solution increases quality and stability of a product and is aimed at simplifying data management, data access and improves network performance.

The creative IT solutions rendered by PTC have earned them some of the most valued clients in the Government, Finance and Manufacturing sector. The company has acquired invaluable experience and industry knowledge in the last 24 years by implementing more than 500 projects. The company is currently counted as one of the top-notch IT services company across the Asia-Pacific. Talking about how PTC’s services are planned and developed, Ken signs off, “We are selective on the new technologies we bring to our customers. The technologies must really help our customers and provide a clear vision. We seek out the best technologies for our customers. We are growing in the region, we have offices in HK, Malaysia, Myanmar and we are expanding.”