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Rentwise: Shepherding the Renting and Leasing of IT Infrastructure in APAC

The onset of the second millennium has marked a revolution in IT services in the global economy. Information Technology (IT) has become the backbone for every business enterprise irrespective of the industrial milieu it belongs to. The liberalization of trade markets and conglomeration of high end technologies with the existing business models have mobilized the industries with great vigor. IT management has thus become an indispensible part of a company. Seeking impeccable IT services and solutions has become a priority for the management of business enterprises all over the world. The Asia Pacific region, better known as the APAC region is no longer lagging behind the western countries of Europe or North America in terms of technology. The APAC countries have evolved as newly formed hubs for technology and international business. The opening of the gates of trade and commerce has initiated a string of IT services companies in the APAC region.

The Founding Saga
In 2001, when technology had just started to disrupt the pre-existing industrial norms and practices, Rentwise was conceptualized by a contingent of IT professionals with profound experience and dexterity in IT Asset Disposition and Management. The founders were motivated by the potential presented by the untapped market space that existed at the time in the APAC industrial ecosystem, especially in the Malaysia and Singapore belt. The idea of establishing an IT services company focused towards addressing the needs of organizations seeking a comprehensive and end to end approach in terms of IT acquisition and management was thus contemplated. The aim was to make the process and practice of IT acquisition and management simpler by offering effective solutions to help business organizations become more industrious. Rentwise has been living on its founding ideology and delivering reliable services for over a decade.

Providing a Wide Array of IT Services and Solutions
With the tagline “Own That Which Appreciates, Rent That Which Depreciates”, Rentwise rents IT equipment and couples the rental offering with support and maintenance services that can be unique upon scrutinizing the core needs and requirements of each specific client and determining what is best to escalate their business propositions. The computers and other IT products or equipment rented out are imaged and mapped exclusively based on the clients’ frequented applications and are commissioned and delivered on site. The Standard Desktop Operating Environment (SDOE) model, a flagship service offered by Rentwise enables clients optimize their hardware and software investments guaranteeing that investments made are not overstated. It is tailored according to clients’ requirements and thus IT expenditure is optimized, productivity maximized and infrastructure stability with equipment maintenance and support is ensured.

For more and more organizations which consider asset disposal and data sanitization to be an important but resource intensive affair, Rentwise provides a comprehensive end to end solution. Asset recovery programmes carried out also enable clients obtain a value for equipment they retire when carrying out equipment upgrades. This is managed by ITWise, a division of Rentwise that specializes in remarketing these assets.
“As a business we want to encourage the benefits of renting and at the same time promote re-use. This preserves resources, reduces wastages and most importantly by reducing the carbon foot print we help the environment,” spiels Leanne Ooi, CEO, Rentwise. Leanne, who is one of the core management and co-founder of Rentwise, believes by renting IT equipment to clients, they are not just helping the clients convert their CAPEX into OPEX but by managing the end to end lifecycle Rentwise is doing their bit towards preserving the rapidly degrading environment.

Apart from mere renting solutions Rentwise furnishes additional services on contractual terms like backup & recovery, systems management, IP-based PBX, virtual desktop infrastructure, network monitoring, contractual maintenance & support, data security, cloud based services, servers & storage facilities and the list goes on. From renting IT infrastructure to client computing, server network products and other equipment, Rentwise has a solution for each and every intricate need of the clients.

Rentwise rents and leases IT equipments and services to the clients after scrutinizing the core needs and requirements of the clients and what is best to escalate their business propositions

Standing Upright amidst the Crowd
Rentwise has a comprehensive service model that mitigates the cost and efficiency issues faced by the clients who avail the adept services offered by the company. With a rapidly advancing technological world where every other day newer and better pieces of technology are surfacing, adopting outsourced IT products and upgrading with technological advancements without having to displace the whole IT infrastructure is preferred by most organizations.
There are several features that make Rentwise stand out in the crowd of IT renting and leasing companies in the Malaysia and Singapore region. The clients have expressed their satisfaction in the hassle-free and customized services complimented with insurance availability for the services and products and after sales support by Rentwise. Moreover, Rentwise does not just rent when it comes to IT asset management, but also responsibly looks after the maintenance and updates in the services provided. The clients articulate their high level of satisfaction for having chosen Rentwise in their testimonials which stand as certification of success and perfection of Rentwise in this industry.

Crafting the Recipe for Success
Rentwise has successfully evolved as a one-stop-shop, notably distinguishing itself from the other similar companies, as renting of IT infrastructure is not a new concept. What really differentiates Rentwise from its market peers is the value that it has been adding to the clients’ businesses.
Over the past decade Rentwise has helped over 300 companies by renting solutions and including IT Disposition and Management into its service offering. Among the numerous clients, Mayflower, HICOM Diecastings, the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, CTRM and iFG are a few of the celebrated names in their baggie.
“We are investing in automation capabilities that will benefit our clients and looking to expand regionally through developing a wider ASEAN presence,” says Leanne as a part of their future plans.