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Cyara: Enhancing Customer Interactions withthe Cyara Platform

Customer insight is important because itprovides businesses with metrics that can be used to manage and improve the customer experience (CX).
Today, technology plays a pivotal role in providing organizations with valuable actionable insight on their customers’perceptions versus actual experience. Leveraging their experience in the contact center industry, Cyara’s founders recognized that there is a gap in how organizations design their customer experience and how consumers perceive this experience. Cyara was founded in 2006 to accelerate the delivery of flawless customer experiences for voice and digital channels at scale, replacing the burden of manual processes. Cyara bridges the gap between what consumers experience and what companies intend to deliver.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO and founding partner explains, “Enterprises have to deal with both the millennial generation using smart phones, and the older generation dealing with traditional communications systems.” Cyara’s primary focus lies in making its customers successful by providingcomprehensive customer experience and monitoring solutions. Besides, the Company enables its customers to lower the risk and cost of innovation, enabling its clients to stay ahead of the competition. Identifying bottlenecks early on in a development project and resolving them in a timely manner remainsa Cyara core competency and gives the Company a competitive edge over industry peers.

Cyara CrawlerTM, the newest addition to the Cyara Platform, is the world’s first automated IVR discoveryand mapping solution. Crawler cuts time-consuming manual labor by as much as 90% with automation, creates an interactive visual map which can be used to edit and add new IVR options and prompts, and then creates design documentation that can be used for development. Crawler works by dialing the number for an IVR application, listens to the prompts being played, and then attempts to extract the user options being presented as it progresses deeper through the IVR application iteratively by interacting with the IVR—all automated. Crawler also has the ability to pause and alert an operator when human intervention is needed to enter data.
Cyara’s Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle (CXIL), a methodology used in all customer engagements, ensures innovation that corresponds to agile development. Working closely with its customers, Cyara designs and develops customer experience strategies. It starts with planning, designing, building and deploying in parallel with functional testing to identify defects early when they are easier and less expensive to fix. UAT functional and regression testing helps unearth critical deployment issues. Finally, test cases are developed during the build cycles, and run continuously to monitor and detect any issues before getting into the production phase. The Cyara Platform is a single, comprehensive, technology-agnostic solution that provides a common user interface for omni-channel customer experience testing. What’s more, the platform doesn’t require any programming skills to write test scripts. Alok says, “We look not just from the outside in but also from the inside out while testing the whole experience.”

Cyara’s Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle (CXIL), a methodology used in all customer engagements, ensures innovation that corresponds to agile development

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Cyara serves clients across the globe.Clients come primarily from financial services, telecommunications, insurance, and government sectors. Among many prestigious awards, so far Cyara has been named a ‘Gartner Cool Vendor in CRM, Customer Service and Customer Support, 2015’, ‘BRW Fast100 2015 and 2014’, ‘Speech Technology Excellence Award 2015’ and ‘2015 CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award’, and ‘TMC Labs Innovation Award’ are the most coveted ones in the industry. On future plans, Alok states, “Cyara will continue to listen to our customers and to the market dynamics to determine our future product releases.”