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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Solutions Providers

iTechLabs: Debugging the virtual world through Quality Assurance

Glitches have been bugging the Gaming Universe since the earliest video games came into existence. But the fact is, as long as there are video games, there would be bugs, both easy and elusive. This is the reason why every game goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that it is rid of all the bugs and meets the standards expected by gamers worldwide. Undoubtedly, game QA goes a long way in ensuring success of a game and, is itself a growing industry. Game publishers are constantly on the lookout for QA testers with expertise. iTech Labs based in Melbourne, Australia is an established player in game QA. Conceived in 2004, the Company’s core competency lies in gaming systems compliance testing, enterprise and mobile applications testing.

Geoff Nicoll, Executive Marketing Manager and Principal Consultant, iTechLabs adds, “Our principals had previous experience in testing and certification of gaming systems and games and were well-placed to provide services to this burgeoning market.” The Company currently provides an array of services including RNG Testing & Certification, Software testing and Quality Assurance, Game Output Audits, Games Testing and Certification, Platform Testing and Certification, Sports Betting Testing and Certification, Pari-mutuel Testing & Certification along with many others. Meeting the needs of the online gaming industry and particularly solving issues concerning jurisdictional compliance testing of gaming systems remain the company’s forte.

The Company also develops test automation suites and uses accredited translators for multilingual tests. iTechLabs’ Integrated Project Tracking System (IPTS) is used for recording the time for projects activities, managing issues (defects, incidents etc) raised during testing and keeping track of sales enquiries. ITPS is used by the company resources to present reports and graphs for weekly reporting, monitoring progress and other day-to-day activities.
The QA testing arm of the company, iGlobal Labs specializes in providing QA testing of online systems. iGlobal Labs offers a plethora of services ranging from complete outsourcing of the QA testing function to pre-compliance testing, to the offering of additional testers during hectic times. The Company’s QATesting services are designed to offer high quality solutions at low costs.

iGlobal Labs offers a plethora of services ranging from complete outsourcing of the QA testing function to pre-compliance testing, to the offering of additional testers during hectic times

Its cumulative testing experience of decades helps it to develop fully-functional, robust online and mobile applications. Geoff Nicoll comments, “Unlike software firms who focus on developing code that compiles, confirms to internally created design specifications, and is tested by developers, iTech Labs resources walk extra miles to verify independently that the software meets functional requirements,compliance with specific standards and the system is reliable and resilient”

Apart from Australia, the Company also operates from European and Asian test labs,following a business model that offers the flexibility to work round the clock from three different time zones. It’s prudent investments in technology and prompt response to client issues has earned it the good fortune to work with some of the elite clients in the gaming industry, which include some of the largest gaming companies such as Bwin.Party, Netent, NEO games, iSoftbet, Odobo etc. Going forward, the Company envisions to increase its turnover by 50% over the period of next 3 years. It has set out to define new industry standards and best practice in game QA. Guided by 4 pillars of corporate values—Integrity, quality, pre-determined prices and time bound delivery, iTech Labs foresees to become a market leader in QA testing and improve its market share in compliance testing.