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Binary Tree: Industry leading Migration and Interoperability Software for the Cloud

Faced with increased competition, Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), the world’s largest marketer, producer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages, embarked on an ambitious journey in 2008. To offset its market loss to the competitors, the executive team called out for effective ways to increase collaboration among its employees. The aim was to increase productivity, enable better flow of information and create more time for sales persons to engage with the customers. To them, the course of action was unambiguously clear: move to a solution that scales well with the workload and allows employees to work on any device, from anywhere. Security and cost effectiveness were other concerns. The cloud fit the bill, and Microsoft cloud services came up as an obvious choice. However, the CIO of Coca-Cola also knew well that migrating to the cloud is a daunting task and the company needed a ‘guided landing’ to the cloud services in order to avoid any business downtimes; applications hosted on Microsoft Online Services need to work in complete synergy with existing IT infrastructure and must comply with well-defined SAP user roles and workflows.

That is when Coca-Cola approached Binary Tree, a leader in coexistence and migration software solutions, to give it a helping hand. Over the next five months, Binary Tree’s consulting services personnel would work with the Microsoft team to migrate Coca-Cola’s current platform to Exchange Online, providing e-mail and communication capabilities on top of Microsoft Online Services. Binary Tree’s messaging migration tools helped retain the workflows and allowed for seamless migration to the cloud, moving nearly 30,000 people, without interrupting their day-to-day business operations even for a single day. Integration and migration software were integral to the success of this project—one of the benchmarks Binary Tree has undertaken so far.

Flocking to the Cloud

Like Coca-Cola, several other organizations are fast moving to the cloud today. As the adoption of cloud computing in corporate IT accelerates, they stand to benefit from the greater scalability, cost-efficiency and higher application performance that comes with the cloud. Even so, migration of complex, multi-tier applications to the cloud remains a complex process and often demands careful planning and deliberation at every step. Migration of legacy software to modern cloud environments is a whole new ball game and especially so, when both structured and unstructured data is involved in the process. Costs easily escalate and business downtimes get rampant. Situations like these call for an expert provider of migration solutions who is specialized in the domain.
Based in Kendall Park, NJ, Binary Tree is one of the foremost providers of migration services. It has undertaken some of the largest and most complex migrations for its esteemed clients, including American Express, Chrysler, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Exxon, GlaxoSmithKline, JPMorgan Chase, Nissan, Royal Mail and Toyota, among others. Steven Pivnik, Founder and CEO of Binary Tree says, “Our clients unequivocally confer the credits of their successful enterprise migration to Binary Tree and Binary Tree’s partners.” The organization’s pioneering SMART Migration solutions optimize costs and reduce risks of enterprise migration to the cloud and ensure that the processes and workflows deployed within an organization remain in sync and operational when the migration process is underway.

Maintaining the Legacy

Cloud migrations are often fraught with high uncertainty. For instance, when Enterprises migrate from lotus notes to Microsoft cloud services, they may need to retain existing notes applications, workflows and access lists, to support existing business processes which often mean that applications and workflows need to be manually recreated after the email migration is complete. Obviously, it’s a risky proposition, as any upheaval in these vital parameters can cause prolonged business downtimes and introduce security vulnerabilities. In its undertakings, Binary Tree works arduously to mitigate such risks. When migrating from Notes to Microsoft platform, company’s CMT for coexistence deploys a unique solution: it allow domino applications and workflows to work with Microsoft platform without any manual intervention, mitigating downtime risks and cost escalations.

In order to protect a client’s precious investments in legacy systems deployed over the years, Binary Tree has a plethora of interoperability solutions in its repertoire. The ‘CMT for Coexistence’ line of products facilitates legacy IBM/Lotus Notes and Domino working side by side, ensuring the ability to preserve organizational workflows and application process. This helps to reduce the risk and need for migrate everything in one go. Instead can decouple mailbox and applications so users can enjoy the increased productivity by leveraging latest Microsoft platform while allow organization to spend more time in converting the application to latest platform. The company’s ‘CMT for Exchange’ is one of the most comprehensive software available in the market to migrate from Lotus Notes/Domino to Exchange/Microsoft Office 365. In addition, ‘Domino Consolidator’ significantly reduces the time, effort and cost of consolidating and retiring established Lotus Domino domains and servers once the migration to Microsoft is complete.

A trusted, global, technology enterprise since 1993, Binary Tree has deployed software solutions to migrate more than 35 million users for over 6,000 companies across the globe. Binary Tree has a long history of success. Steven Pivnik leveraged his 20 years industry experience in corporate vision and strategic planning to lay the founding stones for Binary Tree and brought the company to where it stands today.
Along with his peers, Pivnik created software solutions around messaging, collaboration, coexistence, interoperability and migration, and thereby revolutionized the way customers interoperate with heterogeneous systems and migrate to the cloud for greater benefits. Today, Binary Tree is a leading provider of remote migration software and services which allows the company to execute enterprise migration plans from remote sites, and still be in control of the entire process.

Migrating to Microsoft Office 365

Binary Tree serves small, medium and large enterprises that leverage, or plan to leverage Microsoft’s mail, active directory and server solutions. Organizations with unique IT environments and business processes looking to integrate, refresh or migrate their corporate mail, directories and servers approach Binary Tree. The company provides integration and migration software that adapts to the client’s unique requirements, and scales to meet its size and schedule. The organization employs advanced automation technology to successfully perform and manage the migration process and ensure zero downtime to lower the overall risk of the migration projects.
Binary Tree provides Smart Migration Solutions for enterprise email systems for on-premises and Microsoft cloud-based deployments. Binary Tree’s award-winning, enterprise-level Exchange migration software, E2E Complete, automates and simplifies cross-forest enterprise exchange migrations to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud. E2E’s advanced automation capabilities streamline data collection, scheduling, forecasting, processing, reporting and user communication processes during Exchange migrations. E2E also enables organizations to migrate between different Office 365 tenants to support corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

In order to protect a client’s precious investments in legacy systems deployed over the years, Binary Tree has a plethora of interoperability solutions in its repertoire

Its core competency lies in messaging, active directory and windows server technology solutions. The company employs qualified subject matter experts in the related fields and creates innovative solutions that address requirements from its global customers. Steven adds, “We distinguish ourselves by enforcing a feedback mechanism that takes customer, partner and market feedback into account as we continuously release new solutions or enhance existing ones.”

Distinctive Remote Execution

Binary Tree is one of the first vendors to introduce remote migration services with fixed pricing. Binary Tree’s SMART Managed Migration is a remotely managed migration tool used to migrate from Notes to Exchange or Office 365. On the other hand, the ‘Remote Hosted Migration’ tool allows remote migration and management. It ensures that services are retired in orderly fashion with limited involvement of the administrative staff and virtually no disruption of services for the end users. Remote migration is Binary Tree’s key competency, giving the company a unique edge over competitors.

Head-quartered in Kendall Park, New Jersey and with branches in Hong Kong, London, Paris, Stockholm and Sydney, Binary Tree has built a strong global foothold. The company, along with its certified partners, helps organizations plan, prepare and perform migrations with ease. Their single-minded focus on customer requirements and customer satisfaction is reflected in the sheer number of repeat business the company receives.
Binary Tree has positioned itself as a leader in the enterprise technology transformation market. The company considers its people its greatest asset and leaves no stones unturned to maintain a highly motivated and energetic work culture. The company hires bright, enthusiastic people who are encouraged to take challenges and deliver at the top of their capabilities.

And the Journey Continues

With over 22 years of illuminated corporate history, Binary Tree has proven its ability to bring forth the most innovative and sought after solutions to the market. The organization’s steady growth and continuous innovation has paved the way for it to be listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the prestigious Inc 5000 list seven years in a row. Besides, the company has won several other coveted awards; it has won 2015 CRN Channel Chief Award, E2E Complete was selected as Best of TechEd 2014 Award, Lotusphere – Best Messaging Solution (via Partner) and Lotus Notes Advisor and Domino Editor’s Choice Gold Award and many others.

Steven expounds, “We take immense pride in calling ourselves the trusted partners to a large number of organizations worldwide. We ensure that the market demands are addressed by new and enhanced offerings from our end.” Binary Tree is working towards fostering cutting edge technological innovations that drive exceptional value to its customers and ensure that it achieves continued year-over-year growth. Binary Tree considers Asia Pacific and Japan as the most promising zone for its further expansion plans. To that end, it has been building awareness of Microsoft technologies in this region. As a leading enterprise migration software provider, Binary Tree is looking forward to continue expanding in terms of both direct and channel partner relationships throughout the APAC region in the coming years.