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CloudQA: Transforming Businesses with CloudQA Test Automation Platform

Operational flexibility and on-demand scalability gives cloud computing enough advantages to be picked up for enterprise class deployments. Cloud has opened up new vistas of opportunities even for software testing. Software testing often needs substantial computing as well as storage resources and needs enough computing power to automate the workflow. Cloud fits the bill; it lowers costs and eliminates upfront capital expenditure, enhances collaboration, helps achieve greater levels of efficiency and reduces time-to-market. After analyzing the huge potential of cloud based Testing, CloudQA was established in 2014 to offer test automation solutions that allowed companies to be agile and offer quality software rapidly without having to spend too much time, resources or money.

Sumant Mehta, Co Founder says, “The goal behind incorporating CloudQA was to offer a testing environment that a business user can setup and run effectively while shortening the feedback loop to the development team.” The young organization encourages continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes of an agile environment and eliminates testing as a bottleneck from the entire product development lifecycle. With a strong foothold in Jersey City, NJ and Hyderabad, India, CloudQA follows agile development methodologies that deliver testing solutions to adapt to the unique situations of any application environment in the shortest possible time. The wide coverage of CloudQA test suite allows it to address complex scenarios and issues at the earliest. CloudQA’sTesting automation platform is used to automate regression tests.
The test automation platform allows clients to harness its unique design to build customized automated test suites which are thrice as fast when compared to standard software testing framework such as Selenium. It reduces overall regression testing time by as much as 85 percent.

CloudQA’s development practices are extremely efficient. The services are categorized into Managed Testing Services (MTS) and Automation of functional Tests. MTS can eliminate the need to set up elaborate testing infrastructure, implement processes and governance models and hire test specialists for the job. CloudQA’s Chrome browser extension can create end-to-end functional tests, without writing a single line of code. Helping product companies in transitioning their traditional client-server applications to the cloud based SaaS model remains CloudQA’s raison d’être. Using web interfaces provided by SaaS deployments, customers can incorporate updates more frequently, scale on demand as existing customers need more resources or new customers on-boarded and use high performance infrastructure with zero maintenance. Given that SaaS application updates are frequent, test automation becomes vital.

CloudQA has worked with several core product companies and has been recognized for its innovative test automation framework

CloudQA has worked with several core product companies and has been recognized for its innovative test automation framework. For one of its online insurance clients, that needed a quick and repeatable functional test solution to test the user experience, CloudQA provided tools that facilitated out of the box configuration for testing and automation. Going forward, CloudQA will continue to focus on testing enterprise class, web based SaaS applications and offering industry leading services. The Company also plans to expand its testing capabilities across mobile platforms in the subsequent years.