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Diverse IT: Bridging the Technology Gap in Australia through IT Innovation

The Dot Com bubble burst of 2000 may have caused several IT-reliant companies to incur huge financial losses, but they paved the way for a new breed ready to transform the IT industry for the better. This positive wave of transformation was particularly strong in the more remote areas of the world where the impact of the 90s technology boom had not yet taken hold. Western Australia is one such region that due to its mining and industry lead economy was somewhat oblivious to the technology revolution that was going on around the world at the time. It was this void advanced IT that fostered the inception of cloud solutions provider, Diverse IT. Founded in 2000 by Andrew Karantzis, Diverse IT had the most favourable of conditions for starting out as an IT services provider. WA’s remoteness and therefore lack of competitive IT market worked in favour of the company and aided the company in growing and expanding its services.

With a few years in the Cloud Space behind him Andrew bought in David Cameron, (the co-founder of Datacom WA) to take over as Managing Director of Diverse IT, and since then Cloud has been the focal point of the company’s technological pursuit. Diverse IT’s acquisition of Red Ember solutions in July 2014 created a strong foundation for the company’s Cloud First Strategy which was focused toward addressing the issue of remoteness which has been plaguing the WA region for decades and has been a major roadblock that stopped companies in this area from procuring customized Cloud services in-house from companies within WA.

Red Ember’s acquisition provided Diverse IT with readymade Cloud Platform. Designed, built and run by enterprise architects from the WA’s banking sector, the premise had been providing enterprise grade solutions fo the commercial mid-market that makes up 75% of the WA market.

This has equipped David and his team to provide the local market with a true cloud platform, not just a cluster of VM’s in a hosted data centre. “Diverse IT has developed the platform and currently hosts tier-1 apps such as MS Dynamics, SAP, SharePoint and Oracle ERP, for its WA clients,” elaborates David. With the ability to provision highly secure environments such as those offered by this platform Diverse IT has many contracts whereby clients and third party support teams do not have access to their own code, the necessary application updates are all dispensed through the Diverse IT service desk providing appropriate separation of duties and testing in a sand boxed environment before release into production. All these services tethered together enable Diverse IT to work with many application support partners, providing its clients with customizable solutions to meet their respective needs.

The new Azureplatform has further enhanced Diverse IT's ability to support its clients’ as they ransition their business into the cloud

Having been early adopters of Microsoft Cloud technologies from their inception it is no surprise to find the new Azure tech ready already being prepared in the lab. CTO Luke Notley says “this new Azure platform has further enhanced our ability to support our clients’ as they transition their business into the cloud”. With so much experience it is no wonder many WA clients already rely on Diverse IT to deliver a team of project Manager and engineers who work to further the delivery of Azure related services. “We put the customer first always, we are honest in our assessment and offer financial backed SLA’s based on the performance metrics important to each client,” adds David. Having established a strong base for its brand of services in WA and Brisbane, Diverse IT now seeks to further fortify its position in these markets whilst also expanding its services to cater effectively to the rising demands for its clients.