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eBest Mobile: Integrating Mobile with Cloud solutions

The various technologies that have surfaced in the past decade have truly re-arranged the very foundation of the business world. IT today is more prominent than any other business vertical and has rooted itself deeply in every aspect of our lives. For businesses today, two terms hold more prominence than anything else in IT - Mobile and Cloud. Each is individually a significant part of IT yet when combined these two technologies form a formidable bond that transform businesses and rock their very cores. Hence it has become a trend today to wed these two technologies and reap the huge benefits they can pave way to. eBest Mobile is a company that has been an integral part of the IT revolution in the APAC region for a decade and a half. Founded in 2000 in Shanghai, China, eBest Mobile has absorbed every aspect of every single piece of IT technology that has come to be in the past fifteen years and has evolved to become the multinational company that it is today.

The brainchild of engineer/ entrepreneur Michael Cai, eBest has always been able to adapt quickly to changing technology and bring out positive results. eBest could be considered one of the pioneers that introduced Sales Force Automation (SFA) for Windows, iOS and Android in the APAC region. The company’s quick adaptability has aided greatly in forging strong relationships with corporate giants such as Coca-Cola, P&G, Petronas and many more. Most of eBest’s success can be attributed to its provision of automated SFA services, which is a major deficit in the APAC region and is in great demand in these parts. The pace at which eBest delivered was also a major factor as APAC companies favoured speed more than anything else, yet did not want to sacrifice quality. eBest perfected a formula that could deliver both these factors effectively. “It’s very important that we offer our clients a solution that will quickly adapt to new and changing technology,” says Michael Cai, who is also the CEO of the company.
Cloud has been a technology that has fascinated the corporate world since its recent emergence. eBest was quick to integrate this technology into its system and offered to help companies in moving to the cloud. Cloud being a technology of many intricacies is often hard for most organizations to adapt to. But eBest’s equipped with its best in class equipment and personnel was able to provide a hassle free transition into the cloud. “eBest works closely with our hardware and software partners such as Microsoft and Salesforce.com, to ensure our solutions will support the latest technology,” says Michael Cai. But eBest found that without integrating cloud with back office applications cloud’s uses and benefits were limited and it could not be used to full effect. So eBest started offering integration solutions for its clients where they got the benefits of both the cloud and the back end solutions it was integrated into, thereby optimizing their businesses.

eBest was quick to integrate this technology into its system and offered to help companies in moving to the cloud

With over 15 years of experience in mobile retail execution solutions, eBest is quite familiar with the various challenges that the frontline rep might face while dealing with a customer. So eBest understands a company’s exact requirements to this end and customizes its mobile applications accordingly to suite well with their business thereby boosting efficiency and making life easier for the frontline reps. With a huge list of elite clients and the RED Herring global 100 award under its belt, eBest has positioned itself well in the APAC market and now seeks to expand its business to other business verticals. eBest also has a keen eye on the emerging IoT technology which shows great promise for the future of IT services.