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GreenSync: Delivering Complex Energy Projects with Cloud Computing

Being a player in the energy industry is no piece of cake as companies often have to deal with challenges such as managing various limitations in distribution, transmission lines and balancing electrical load across the grid. Companies want to operate their own electricity network in a way so that they can deploy different electrical assets and achieve optimal electrical efficiency. Handling the efficiency of your own energy supply to achieve cost effectiveness further amplifies business woes. Having identified these hurdles faced by large commercial and industrial customers, GreenSync, a provider of cloud solutions has come to the fore. Founded in 2010, this organization provided a new dimension to energy consumption by utilizing its advanced energy analytics software platform which lets utilities and large customers manage their energy load in real time.

Headquartered in Australia, GreenSync is a fast growing technology company which helps clients integrate advanced energy solutions into their business operations by adopting new technologies and by harnessing the power of digital technology. Talking about the company’s demand management solutions Dr Phil Blythe, Founder and Managing Director says, “GreenSync’s demand management capabilities are built on the foundations of cloud computing and industrial automation. Our technology platform, used across all of our products, is the first of its kind with the capability to deliver multiple services at massive scale, all in real time.”

PeakResponse™, PortfolioCM™ and MicroEM™ are the core energy management services offered by the company. The electrical equipment of large energy users or the network assets of energy utilities are all enrolled in the GreenSync Cloud and can be monitored and remotely controlled in real time via the GreenSync software platform. Peak Response enables clients to successfully handle their energy consumption at the time when electricity usage is at its peak. With PortfolioCM™, clients can better handle the risks related to operating large network infrastructure by, for example, running demand response programs which GreenSync manages on the client’s behalf. GreenSync’s software locates, forecasts and manages the three peaks that appear across the grid namely, Customer Peaks, Network Peaks and Generation Peaks.
Another significant GreenSync product is MicroEM™, a platform for micro grid operators. Hospitals, airports, residential precincts, industrial parks, campuses and universities are adopting microgrids which allows them to manage their own electricity network in real time. With MicroEM™, microgrid operators can optimise the use of their electrical assets via the GreenSync platform, and even operate off-grid with the right energy resources during the time when grid energy costs are exorbitant.
In addition to its portfolio of demand management services, the company provides battery management solutions to empower companies with an alternative source of power from the grid. With its battery management technology, GreenSync is able to estimate the qualitative and quantitative utilization of industrial scale batteries by charging and organizing them at the appropriate time whenever it is financially prudent. Dr Philaptly points out, “Like our other solutions, the effectiveness of our battery management solution is driven by the capabilities underpinning our technology - Cloud computing and industrial automation.”

GreenSync's platform is the first of its kind with the capability to deliver multiple services at massive scale, all in real time

Going forward, GreenSync aims to expand and continue innovating new software that allows its clients to leverage the most out of their infrastructure assets and deliver robust network planning services for utilities. Merging cloud with its tailored solutions, the company plans to chalk out their future uniquely. In the next two years, the company will focus on its geographical and technological expansion and has determined to gain new market ground in the Asia Pacific region. With their existing solar and battery product offerings, GreenSync wants to provide a new energy solution which will be ideal for vertical apartment complexes and residential precincts – two key markets for emerging technology that is easy to use and has a lower emission profile.