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25 Most Promising Cloud Solutions Providers

ICONZ-Webvisions: Delivering Scalable, Reliable and Secure Cloud Solutions

Among the numerous benefits that cloud has offered since its rise in the new and emerging markets, cost reduction and scalability have been outlined to be the most crucial for the global IT industry.
ICONZ-Webvisions (iWV) has its roots in Webvisions, which was one of Singapore’s leading home-grown web hosting companies in the 1990s. In 2012, Webvisions merged with New Zealand-based cloud company ICONZ to create iWV, creating an Asia-centred cloud and managed hosting provider.As a leading player in the cloud hosting business, iWVbringsits clients best-in-class cloud solutions in both IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

The company strives to better meet the clients’ needs by delivering be-spoke cloud solutions .Albert Wong, Group CEO ofiWVexplains, “After uncovering our clients’ pain points, we deliver customized cloud solutions to address their business issues.”The company makes use of its high-performance cloud centers across Asia to establish reliable and scalable hosted infrastructure.With leading global vendors such as Microsoft,HP and VMware as partners, iWVemphasizes on providing the right support so that businesses can continue to strengthen their Cloud-based resources.
While developing the most cost-efficient methods aimed at lowering IT expenses, the company alsomanagesto handle client’s data in an innovative manner. iWVcloud computing solutions offer customers the availability of enterprise class infrastructure (high availability server clusters, high performance routers, scalable SAN and robust firewalls) with minimum capital investment.

Enabling a SecureCloud Infrastructure via Managed Services
iWVmanaged services have transformed clients’ cloud environments with enhanced security and early technology adoption.
With Singapore businesses losing $S1.3b in 2014 due to data loss and downtime, security is no longer an option nor an afterthought. iWV helps clients ring-fence their IT infrastructure and monitor the bits and bytes flowing out of their network through Data Leak Protection (DLP).

With data at the heart of every business, iWV provides cloud-based backup solutions which enable proactive, remote administration and monitoring of backup processes through Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS). iWV also offers Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) to safeguard critical data and ensure business continuity should disaster strikes. Our Dual Data Centre strategy wherever we are lets clients quickly restore their business applications and data through several layers of protection, ranging from simple backup restore to near synchronous replication.

Education, Enablement and Empowerment – This is a 3 pronged approach which we believe will help clients get the most out of Cloud

Other services provided by iWV includeMonitoring-as-a-Service (24*7), which proactively monitors, maintains and improves client’s infrastructure.iWVPatch Management service additionally ensuresthat clients’ operating systems and associated applications are always patched with the latest hotfixes, updates and security definitions, so that their critical IT services are always secured.Albert elucidates, “In consolidating our position as a Managed Services Provider, we are continuously evaluating our service offerings and expanding the portfolio by adding on useful solutions to meet our clients’ needs.”

As one of the leading cloud providers in the Asia Pacific region, iWVis set to expand into other Aseannations in the next few years. After being awarded the Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) Singapore Standard (SS) 584, which is the world’s first cloud security standard that covers multiple tiers of cloud security, the company is geared to launch its automation platformin 2016. This system will be extremely useful to both channel partners and end customers as it comes equipped with modules such as self-provisioning, billing, etc.
Albert signs off by saying,“Education, Enablement and Empowerment – This is a 3 pronged approach which we believe will help clients get the most out of Cloud. As a Managed Services Provider, we value add to our clients’ businesses by helping to increase their productivity and profitability.”