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JobReady: Optimizing Operations and Automating Client Processes

In today’s demanding and complex business environment, not many companies can focus on going the extra mile to ensure customer success. But there are a few organizations that look at this as an imperative. Marc Washbourne, Managing Director of JobReady, puts it succulently, “Our passion is to thrill our customers with amazingly productive yet simple software and outstanding services.” And, it is this zeal that laid the foundation of this Australia based software company, JobReady. Founded in 1997 with the aim of providing data management services to bridge the gap between Government and private providers, JobReady today offers services to more than 300 customers on its five core software platforms and has over 20,000 users daily accessing its systems. The company delivers high quality, cloud-based SaaS platforms and bespoke IT and data management systems for both Government and private organizations in the Employment Services and Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Its growing customer list includes ACT State Government, Australian Business, Deakin Prime, MEGT, Downer, Asciano, St John’s Ambulance and many others.

JobReady shiftedfrom client-server computing to open source, cloud-based web technology in 2007. This transition ensured lower Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) for customers, easier maintenance, greater mobility and accessibility and more regular software updates. JobReadynow powers its core product line with popular open source technologies including Ubuntu Linux, Ansible, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, ReactJS, and Elasticsearch. The company relies on best of breed cloud computing platforms like AWS to provide stable, highly reliable infrastructure for customer applications.

The company seeks to thoroughly understandits clients’ business requirements toenhancetheir productivity and visibility. The software also takes care of the many
regulatory compliance obligations of the sector in the process. For those who operate multiple software platforms additional to JobReady, such as finance and CRM, JobReady supports the clients to get systems working together using modern and robust integration services. In order to minimize operational cost, JobReady encourages customers to embrace automation and streamline digital work practices using its advanced software platforms.

JobReady also works onsite with customers to understand the business challenges firsthand. Marc further says, “Onsite analysis with customers is where we get the best ideas for new innovations”. The company drives the software development lifecycle using agile and lean practices which continuously improve the software in many, small iterations. This proven approach fits well within the evolving landscape of government policy. The organization’s account management program further enhances customer experience, allowing them to innovate, optimize and adapt to new software features and best practices. Such continuous innovation and adoption of best practices from diverse sectors improves productivity for the organizations it works with, many of which are Non-For-Profits.

JobReady is a pioneer in management and reporting of and integration with Government data systems

JobReady is a pioneer in management and reporting of and integration with Government data systems. Since its inception, JobReady has enjoyed an annual growth rate of between 20-30 percent. From offering quarterly release software in early 2000’s to deploying and releasing several updates per day, JobReady has come a long way in its journey so far. Already a market leader in VET specific business and administrative management information systems, JobReady has strategic plans to grow its revenues to $25million per annum, expand its SaaS capability, offer self-service on-boarding, education and deployment processes and grow its education management platform. “We will remain commercially focused yet always conscious of our greater responsibility to help our customers improve the lives of students and job seekers through our innovative and accessible software,” concludes Marc.