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JOS: Addressing Customer Challenges with Expertise in Enterprise IT Solutions

Agility has become a critical requirement for today’s businesses. Amid fierce competition and a rapidly evolving marketplace, enterprises are constantly on the lookout for technologies that can deliver a commercial edge – whether this is improving productivity, increasing speed to market or enhancing the customer experience.

Cloud computing is one technology trend that has taken business by storm, owing to advantages such as improved cash flow management, faster deployment times and removing the need for substantial upfront investment. However, along with these advantages, it can also entail added complexity in data security, IT management and general business processes.

One organisation that can help businesses to successfully navigate such considerations is JOS. Leveraging more than 60 years of experience in Asia’s technology industry, JOS advises and manages the transition of business applications and infrastructure from on-premise to cloud environments –coordinating information flow, business processes and cloud service management.Headquartered in Hong Kong,JOS is one of Asia’s leading systems integrators, solutions providers and technology consultancies.

Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director, says, “We pride ourselves on our expertise in enterprise IT solutions and help customers take advantage of the latest technologies such as big data, cloud, enterprise applications, enterprise security, mobility solutions and the internet of things.”

With one of the largest service networks for IT in Asia, JOS has served multiple vertical industries including financial services, hospitality and manufacturing. In the financial services industry, JOS helps providers maintain a competitive edge and meet complex security requirements.From guidance on how to make faster and more accurate decisions, through reducing costs or increasing customer loyalty, to protecting the integrity of customer data, or meeting regulatory and compliance standards – JOS does it all. Leading banks and insurers already use JOS’s mobility solutions to increase their staff productivity and enhance the customer experience.
In the hospitality industry, JOS works with leading global technology suppliers as well as best-in-class industry specialists to deliver cutting-edge solutions for luxury hotel and resort groups. Its services include in-room comfort and energy management; internet, television and audio-visual entertainment; and customer relationship management systems. JOS’s hotel management applications and digital and mobility solutions enable its clients to deliver exceptional experiences to their guests and promote customer loyalty.

Additionally, JOS also plays a pivotal role in manufacturing and supply chain operations by addressing a wide range of requirements,which include providing critical information on suppliers, inventory delivery times and profitability;supporting the traceability of products; and laying a foundation for the internet of things.

JOS helps clients maintain a competitive edge and meet complex security requirements

Building on its 60 years’ experience in Asia, JOS has made significant investments to bolster its capabilities in key technology areas such as big data, cloud, the internet of things and enterprise security. Its partnerships with pioneering technology vendors like Tableau, WhereScape, Deltapath and BoardPad are addressing customer needs and helping to drive the growth of the company. JOS has also deployed powerful, market-leading big data technology, Hadoop, allowing customers to quickly analyze vast sets of structured and unstructured data.

With more than 10,000 private and public sectors in the region – and many of these business relationships spanning a decade or more – JOS prides itself on an ability to get to the bottom of the unique challenges faced by each customer, and identify where technology can make the difference.

Mark sums up: “Our rich understanding of the Asian business landscape and our unbeatable levels of experience puts us in the position where we can provide each of our customers with a solution that’s tailor-made for them.”