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M-Power Solutions: Building Pathways in the Cloud to Deliver Insight and Analysis

Successful business partnerships have for decades been the rivets that have held together the corporate machine and that theory still holds true in today’s world. With the entire corporate world being increasingly governed by fast moving technology advancements, it is essential for companies to seek out business partners that can advise and assist them. Australia based services provider M-Power Solutions has embedded the importance of business partnering at the heart of their business for the last 13 years, helping their customers to harness the power of Oracle Analytics and Hyperion software solutions to realise tangible business benefits. But it has been their focus on developing new technological approaches and specifically their Cloud Services utilising Oracle’s Cloud platform over last 2 years that has seen a step change in the services they are now able to deliver to the Asia Pacific market.
M-Power was founded to deliver a simple outcome to help organisations improve access to their own data and to deliver insight into the information assets they hold using software solutions. It is clear that M-Power’s ability to focus on their customers’ needs in favour of their own, their unswerving attention to detail and delivery of high quality solutions without getting caught up in the distractions of company politics or blame games has helped M-Power reach the pinnacle of their sector. M-Power was recently presented with the Oracle Business Analytics Partner of the Year for 2016 at an awards ceremony at Oracle’s head office in San Francisco. “When we started M-Power our primary goal was to put the customer at the centre of everything we did. Developing industry specific solutions and services designed for our customers, supported by handpicked staff who share our customer focused approach has been the foundation of our success.” explains Mark Simpson, Director, M-Power.

The explosion of Cloud Solutions in the market has been transformational. The ability for organisations to access applications without the need for hardware, data centres, complex on-site software installations and significant capital outlays has given business leaders simple access to transform their organisations but it has also raised new questions and highlighted the need for a clear strategic direction. M-Power’s ability to harmonise many years’ experience of successfully delivering traditional, on premise Budgeting, Forecasting, Reporting, Analytic and Big Data solutions with the technological advances enabled by the Cloud puts them at the forefront of the Cloud revolution and has made them the perfect business partner to help organisations navigate the new Cloud world. “Our move to delivering Cloud Services has transformed our business. It has given us the opportunity to blend our experience in solution design and delivery with the world’s most comprehensive Cloud platform from Oracle to deliver the most advanced Business Analytics Cloud solutions in the market today.” Comments Mark

M-Power’s business continues to go from strength to strength on the back of their bold move to deliver their services in the Cloud.

M-Power’s business continues to go from strength to strength on the back of their bold move to deliver their services in the Cloud. They now have over 25% of their existing customer base transitioning their current solutions to the Cloud and new Cloud customers joining every month, taking advantage of the industry specific solutions M-Power provides. M-Power have cemented their position well in the Business Analytics Cloud Services market and their customer focused approach makes them a great partner for all customers looking to navigate the technological advances available today. “Our growth opportunities are fantastic. With our new Cloud customer conversion rate more than 6 times faster than our traditional on premise business we are looking forward to a great few years building on our partnerships with Oracle and our new and existing customers to deliver transformational Cloud services across Asia Pacific and beyond.” says Mark Simpson.