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PointStar: Guiding Enterprises through the Cloud Era

Over past five years cloud computing has gained hype in the mainstream IT business structure and has become one of the most sought after technologies today. Cloud technology has made life much easier for IT companies, as it enables them to avoid the complications, intricacies and expenses involved in maintaining the traditional IT system. The dawn of web 2.0 made it even more mandatory for IT companies to incorporate cloud technology into their systems. However, migrating into the cloud may be no easy task as both IT and non-IT companies soon realized that they require assistance in the process. This led to the dawn of a new era of cloud companies that focused on aiding clients in migrating, integrating and implementing cloud technology. One such company is Singapore-based PointStar. Despite its pre-cloud beginnings in 2008 PointStar’s founders were aware of the potential that cloud technology has and how the then-emergent web 2.0 would comply well with it. Understanding the consumers’ need to migrate into the cloud, PointStar wasted no time in jumping into action to deliver the necessary solutions.
Despite the mainstream influence of cloud as a primary IT service, many providers especially in the Asia-Pacific region often fail to provide the most suitable solution for the integration of cloud into the various IT systems. PointStar, however, stands out among its industry peers by providing exactly what the clients expect from their IT services providers. The company offers world-class SaaS solutions from top cloud solutions providers such as Google and NetSuite. Since its inception, PointStar has always been able to deliver solutions that surpassed its clients’ expectations.
Today’s IT industry demands more than just a well maintained cloud infrastructure. Security is often a major concern for most companies that employ the services of IT providers, especially for cloud.
To this end, PointStar relies on the high end infrastructure offered by its providers Google and NetSuite. The organization also employs the services of certified third party providers such as SOC2, SOC3, ISO 27001, ISO 27018:2014 and HIPAA for its security needs.

PointStar stands out among its industry peers by providing exactly what the clients expect from their IT services providers.

One of PointStar’s major strong suites is the multiple cloud-based solutions in its offering, which include Google for Work and NetSuite. PointStar takes this one step further by also offering cloud-managed hardware solution by partnering with Cisco Meraki. This enables the company to configure its clients’ intricate systems remotely, thereby providing an efficient method for troubleshooting these configurations, which can often be a handful for most consumers. “This helps our clients who have limited IT knowledge or shortage of IT staff to easily run mission-critical systems,” says PointStar CEO, Justin Lee. The group of experienced professionals at PointStar’s disposal has also enabled the company to provide 24/7 managed services to aid clients manage their cloud IT systems. This also helps PointStar in constantly monitoring its clients’ systems to nip out any potential issues in the bud and allow their businesses to run smoothly.
Supported by a team of proficient technical professionals who are constantly trained and updated on the latest technology, PointStar is able to deliver its clients the most up-to-date technology efficiently. With an equally proficient sales and support team at its disposal, PointStar truly stands out as an industry leader in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. The company now seeks to extend its business across other parts of the APAC region while updating its service capability to cope with the changing IT infrastructure.