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The Talisman Group: Delivering Seamless Customer Experience with Unique Capabilities

Modern day companies who uniquely focus on developing efficient communication channels with customers unravel insights through every interaction which makes smart-decision making easier. Omni-channel communication technologies have existed for decades, but the challenges of implementing omni-channel communications technology to cover a broad range of business needs has not been immediately tackled by industry professionals. To cope with this ever-increasing connectivity requirements of companies and to maximize customer-driven business strategies, Talisman, was established in the year 2012.
Talisman’s success with new technologies has helped the organization deliver competitive advantages and facilities that easily trigger a positive business process change. Using Communication Enabled Business Processes (CEBP) principles to optimize performance of customer interactions in real-time, Talisman has enabled business transformations and a more agile, responsive environment for it partner organizations. Coupled with its well-developed capabilities to design and deliver CEBP and an omni-channel interaction platform called The Talisman, the company has set high quality standards in the market.
The Talisman Platform can manage and activate omni-channel interactions such as Voice, SMS, Instant Messaging, Web Interactions, and Social Media Interactions within a business process as per the business rules of the enterprise. Ananda Rao, Founder, Talisman says, “Talisman is all about context based seamless human interactions - enabling people to communicate with one another effectively. It is as much to do with people interactions within an end-to-end business process.”

Empowering CIO / CTOs with Intensive IT & T Services
Generally in the telecom sector, after the right software is deployed, CIO/CTOs investigate how to use voice and data effectively to improve human interactions across a range of communication resources.
Talisman acts as a “systems integrator” for the telecom world. The company assists CIO/CTOs to embed the commodity Voice & Data services sourced

There is no equivalent to a “systems integrator” in the telecom world who can configure voice and data to suit human interactions within the business process.

from telecom carriers into business processes. Ananda explains, “There is no equivalent to a “systems integrator” in the telecom world who can configure voice and data to suit human interactions within the business process.”
By leveraging voice and data to seamlessly bring in human interactions during the execution of a business process, Talisman successfully delivers consistent customer experience irrespective of the context, product, channel or media. Using core principles of CEBP, Talisman allows CIOs/CTOs to predict and be proactive in communications.
Also, as the world rapidly embraces mobility in every area of business, it is important to ensure employees are identifying productive and more superior methods to satisfy customers. Through its ability to access and use right enterprise content, information and knowledge resources and native mobile applications, Talisman has helped organizations access tremendous benefits from mobile. A key product in the company’s arsenal of services is Adimoro, the world's first permission based mobile content publishing platform.
Talisman has established its stature in the industry as a CIO/CTO centric company focused on helping CIO/CTOs with Voice & Data services. The company has been growing in India and now operates across twelve cities. The Talisman team has designed a unique prospect / merchant interaction system which operates across all twelve major metros in the country and in October the system handled a total of over 24.5 million inbound/outbound interactions. A proven leader in elevating customer interaction to power companies and business processes, Talisman is all set to expand its solutions and services into regions such as Philippines, Australia, US and UK.