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TreeBox Solutions: Securing Enterprise Communication

Bring your own device (BYOD) has been gaining quite a bit of attention in today’s business world. Reports show that a healthy percentage of employees in all the contrasting markets worldwide have been using their own technology at work for past few years. There has been an explosion in the number of employees who are tuning to free messaging apps on their smart phones for voice and data communication. Citing the popularity of mobile communications apps, Chong Chee Wah, CEO and Founder, TreeBox Solutions says, “In 2014, it was estimated that 50 billion IMs were sent daily. This number has multiplied many times since then.” This rapid adoption of mobile devices has created significant security challenges for the IT organizations. Already stretched IT security teams are now responsible for mobile app security but often lack the resources and skills to thoroughly assess the risks associated with mobile deployments. Mobile apps remain an easy target for data thefts, putting organizational data at high risk. To that end, encryption and security protocols developed by TreeBox provides the most optimal solution in the mobile security space. Based in Singapore, the company partners with enterprises to ensure that their corporate data remains private and secure.

TreeBox was rooted in 2011. TreeBox’s flagship product OnTalk® mobile app ensures reliable and seamless mobile communication. The company adopts 2-pronged approach to serve its clients.
Firstly, it provides customized mobile app for IM, voice and data sharing and secondly, it deploys communication services on the cloud. OnTalk® is extremely user friendly which makes for easy adoption, unlike the complex solutions that fail to deliver significant results. In addition, depending upon customer’s requirement, the company hosts communication servers on private or public clouds. This unique architecture gives flexibility to the enterprises in choosing the most effective solution.

TreeBox’s secure platform empowers enterprises to securely manage their own data

OnTalk® focuses on security in multiple layers which starts from providing a secure contact list, separate from the phonebook, to protect the communication channels with unique encryption keys. Its user-friendly management portal is the reason why CIOs & CSOs choose, and later increase the scale of OnTalk® deployments. Chong Chee Wah adds, “Enterprises are looking at balanced approach to this problem, and TreeBox has the perfect solution to meet Security needs and yet maintain the productivity of the employees.” The innovative and technically proficient team at TreeBox works with a sense of responsibility towards their client’s success. Path breaking innovations crafted at TreeBox are the key drivers for its growth so far.

TreeBox’s secure platform empowers enterprises to securely manage their own data. So far, the company has worked with several governments as well as private enterprises around the globe. Its unwavering focus towards client’s success has earned many awards such as ‘SiTF Gold Medal for Mobile Category’, ‘Best Tech Company to Work For 2015’, ‘Red Herring Top 100 Asia Companies 2015’ and ‘Red Herring Top 100 Global Companies 2015’. The company has established a strong foothold in Asia Pac region, and in the years to come, it plans to have operations in the US and Europe. TreeBox aims to be one of the major players in secure mobile communications industry. “We believe communications is the key and we will continue to innovate new products in this space,” concludes Chong Chee Wah.