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vCloudau: Breaking Down Cloud Computing Complexities

As businesses explore future enhancements through the increased use of cloud platforms, it is already visible how cloud computing has resolved connectivity issues. It has allowed customers to simply access networks and systems from anywhere in the world. The adoption of cloud computing technology has greatly benefitted organizations and provided them a fast and flexible IT environment. Focusing on delivering a unique cloud computing platform that enables a company to access their corporate networks from anywhere in the world, with any device, without the need of virtual private network (VPN) and/or private communication back links is vCloudau, an end-to-end cloud computing service provider.

The company carefully analyses complex factors such as infrastructure costs, security and performances before providing users with a platform that is both scalable and easy to connect from any device, on-demand. Founded in 2009 the organization provides customers a new approach and improved efficiencies to tackle challenges surrounding the cloud. An extension of its sister organization, ACEIT, a marquee software development company, vCloudau has helped a number of businesses to succeed like its predecessor. The company leverages VMware and their VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) platform through which it accesses the total network in the cloud including desktops, servers, routing and even switching.Adding the superior performance of the VDI platform to create a true cloud computing platform, the company provides stability and unique computing models for users.

The IT industry has discovered new opportunities by using the power of cloud computing platforms

The IT industry has discovered new opportunities by using the power of cloud computing platforms. Today, most organizations apply multiple cloud solutions across a common platform such as Office 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, Xero, etc. However, a lack of cloud interconnectivity continues to exist as these solutions are hosted in different locations, are managed by different companies and are accessed through multiple desktops. Trevor Mifsud, CEO, vCloudau explains, “We aid in mitigating the challenges these countless cloud solutions could pose, by providing an all –in-one, end-to-end solution. With vCloudau, customers can access not only essential documents and images in the cloud, but also their entire office, from anywhere in the world.”

vCloudau’s services such as Virtual Cloud Network, Business Continuity and Managed Services play an integral role in adding value to clients’ businesses. With vCloudau’s virtual networks, organizations are empowered with seamless connection to any of their local connected devices such as USBs or printers that are available in local workstation. Trevor further says, “You can connect to our vCloud network from literally any device, whether it’s a PC, Mac or iPad, you can connect effortlessly to our network. We believe at vCloudau what we provide as a virtual network platform is not remote access… but direct access to your network in the cloud, from anywhere in the world, with an internet connection.”

vCloudau’s dedicated IT team monitors clients’ IT resources to provide newer, faster and secure technologies. After its initial success, the company is increasing its number of quality-driven networks to solve connectivity issues.Trevor says, “Our road map is to continue to create a platform where our customers can share the cloud experience. We believe that cloud computing is an on-going research and development project, meaning that we are forever testing and working with new technologies from our business partners to provide better performance and access to vCloudau.”