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Viocorp: Enabling Audience Engagement with Viostream

When it comes to business messaging, non-verbal communication is as important as what is said verbally. Understandably, expressions and body language play a vital role in business communicationthat can’t be gleaned in text format. Video streaming, on the other hand, allows people to understand messages better, making it easier to work in sync than when working with someone they only occasionally hear. Greg Miner, CEO, Viocorp, explains, “We recognized that the allure of video streaming is game changing and as it becomes ubiquitous, the demands for enterprise class video streaming solutions will grow exponentially.” Viocorp was founded to fulfill this growing demand and help organizations unlock the power of video streaming.

Viocorp helps organizations unlock the power of cutting edge video streaming technology, enabling employees, customers and other stakeholders make the most out of their demanding workplace. Based in Sydney, Australia, it provides enterprise grade, cloud-enabled applications. Flexible ingest, storage and distribution capability of these applications facilitate more engrossing viewer engagements and interactions and, thereby, enhance the business outcomes. Viocorp’s core capability lies in integrating its enterprise video platform with client’s intranet, corporate directory, learning management system and infrastructure network. Such tight integration delivers maximum ROI for clients. Product development and service capabilities of the company are always aligned to optimize the adoption and uptake by corporate as well as government bodies.

The evolving cloud technology has further expanded the horizon of video streaming. Cloud allows for easy management and secure storage of video content. In order to assist customers in managing their growing interactive contents, integration with enterprise applications and yielding intelligent analytics, Viocorp has developed an innovative cloud video platform—Viostream.
The platform is designed to not only video-enable existing enterprise applications such as intranets and learning management systems, but also to provide security, reliability and scalability demanded by the new age enterprises. Today, Viostream has largely replaced text and images engagement in digital communication channels for many such enterprises.

Viocorp helps organizations unlock the power of cutting edge video streaming technology, enabling employees, customers and other stakeholders make the most out of their demanding workplace.

Early on, Viocorp realized that with rapid growth of enterprise mobility, online video streaming would become pervasive across innovative organizations. Founded in 2002, Viocorp uses industry standard video streaming technologies. Its services team has so far delivered mission-critical messaging and communication platforms for several organizations including Amazon Web Services, Dimension Data, Singtel, Optus, NAB, Suncorp, ATO and Adobe among others. Greg adds, “We are constantly being challenged by our clients with complex and innovative ambitions, which remains one of the most exciting aspects of our business.”

Viocorp has witnessed a phenomenal growth trajectory in the APAC region for the last two years; so much so that Deloitte has listed Viocorp in its list of ‘Fast 50’ companies. In the years to come, Viocorp plans to invest heavily in expanding its core product capabilities, most of which will be centered on integration, interaction and contextual relevance. The company plans to launch new integration capabilities with a growing suite of enterprise applications, enhance video tools and roll out an innovative way to distribute video at a larger scale on corporate networks. “We’re taking the steps needed to scale the growth we have had so far on a truly global basis in 2016,” concludes Greg.