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ComActivity: Investing in New Technologies to Upgrade the Australian ERP Market

Quality partnership with customers sets a company apart and ahead of others in a market swarming with competitors. On this foundation, ComActivity has propelled its way to a pioneering position in the Australian Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) marketwith their high-end solutions and services in the industrial sectors of Food and Beverage, Retail, Distribution and Equipment.

Headquartered in Australia, the high-end, go-to services provided by the company have enabled them to build a steady growth since its inception in 2005. The company was establishedby highly-experienced supply chain business consultants inBrisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, who wanted to deliver advanced ERP servicesfounded on a blend of deep business understanding with a strong focus on quality customer partnerships.The steady growth accelerated with each passing year as the company started soaring higher in terms of success and in gaining their clients’ confidence. The company strengthened its presence with the establishment ofComActivity NZ in 2009, delivering services in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

The company’s comprehensive services are based on innovative technology, appropriate solutions and softwarethat are releventfor the industry. The business uniquely blends its business-first approach with in-house technological expertise and world-class software solutions. Their core ERP offering utilizes Infor’s industry-specific solutions. Commenting on the utilization of Infor, ComActivity’s Managing Director, Jason Levick is of the opinion, “ComActivity’s central ERP offering utilizes Infor’s industry-specific solutions, because of its vision for delivering beautiful, useable workplace applications and their drive to deliver ‘last-mile’ functionality. Additionally Infor has market-leading vision for the cloud.” Further to ERP, ComActivity offer unique retail, and supply chain planning solutions: Their pioneering end-to-end retail offering is based on the market-leading retail management solution from Cegid; With Optimity, ComActivity provides sophisticated and
innovative planning functionality that is capable of eliminatingorganizational silos and enabling whole-of-business profit-based decisions.Commentingon the company’s Supply Chain Optimization solutions, Jason shares,“Giving a clear view of the entire supply chain in action, it enables collaborative demand planning and provides a backbone for S&OP.The application takes a scientific approach to managing complex planning challenges, for example resource utilization, batch sizes, capacity, seasonality and expiry dates, promotions, and 3PL storage and distribution.”

Working with a philosophy of “process-people-technology” facilitates clients in becoming more productive with their ERP systems. Before delivering its services, ComActivity ensures that it understands the business proceedings, structures and goals of their clients meticulously.

Working with a philosophy of “process-people-technology” facilitates clients in becoming more productive with their ERP systems

The next level involves providing the ideal solutions and services with their accomplished set of employees, by utilizing the appropriate technology.

ComActivity has by now catered to meet the business needs of more than 50 Tier 1 and 2 clients from a range of industry verticals such as Bluescope Steel, GWA, Peters Ice Cream, Toyota Material Handling, Zodiac Australia and Countdown NZ among others. With ample amount of experience and skill sets, ComActivity has chosen to pursue their ambitious goal in the fields of ERP, Supply Chain Optimization and Retail solutions., Jason concludes saying, “By 2020 we aim to be counted as one of Australia’s top 10 ERP solution providers in the fashion, food and beverage, distribution and equipment sectors. As a current innovator and market leader for both retail and supply chain optimization, ComActivity is working towards being the leading provider of solutions in both these spaces within the next five years.”