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DWR: Driving Change in the ERP Industry with Netsuite

Nearly a decade ago, during their tenure at an enterprise Software vendor, a group of enthusiastic professionals realised that the mid-market and SME segment is often overlooked and mismanaged. They pointed out that businesses are evolving in many different ways at a rapid pace to withstand the market competition and to stay at the forefront these enterprises need to overcome inefficiencies. Many have disparate software systems which create information silos, resulting in inconstant information and delays in accessing data.

After having carefully evaluated the hindrances that deprive businesses from achieving their best, these talented and experienced consultants joined hands to start DWR, a provider of business management and whole of business ERP solutions. The objective of the founders was to provide software solutions that deliver practical business processes, strong documentation, superior project management and fast, efficient delivery.

Nigel Wooden, Managing Director says, “Our passion for solving business problems, especially those beyond the realms of traditional IT, has ensured immediate success for DWR and made us one of the leading providers of ERP, financial and performance management solutions.” The company’s partnership with Netsuite helps it to provide cloud based ERP platform. Netsuite is a true cloud solution; purpose-built for internet based configuration, customization, delivery and user access. Netsuite tightly integrates company wide data and workflows, so much so that all business functions - CRM, sales, inventory, fulfillment, project/job management and financials - are accurately streamlined into one platform which remains up-to-date and accessible 24/7 from anywhere and on any device.

Based in Sydney, Australia, DWR specializes in taking a business from multiple on-premise legacy systems and migrating to a unified business platform. Starting from clearly identifying pains/challenges/vision through

solution design to implementation and from customisation to launch of the flexible business management system, DWR provides end-to-end support.

The company - which was a finance focused software shop before 2009 – has evolved to be focused on improving whole of business processes, problem solving and service delivery via the Netsuite Platform. The company prides itself on building practical solutions to business problems. Nigel explains, “DWR tackles ERP issues not from the IT department’s view of the world but by ensuring that a real business case drives the requirements and ultimately receives the optimal solution.” Unlike other vendors who focus on selling out-of-the-box solutions, without analysing the intricacies, DWR drills down to understand the business needs and deeply focus on the business process requirements to deliver the best possible solution available.

Abiding by this holistic approach since its inception, DWR has developed transparent and long standing relationships with its clients. Clients include award winning VOIP specialist Telegate and Australia’s market leader in SEO & SEM, Web Profits. It has served across industries such as professional services, hospitality, retail, wholesale, telecommunications, manufacturing, agribusiness, insurance and ecommerce. Thriving to add value to the entire business and not just the IT department sets the company apart from its competitors.

Abiding by this holistic approach since its inception, DWR has developed transparent and long standing relationships with its clients

DWR strongly believes that a cloud based platform is powerful and can bring a clear competitive advantage for the businesses to move forward. It plans to continue its partnership with Netsuite and also aims to be a 5 star Netsuite Partner in the coming years. There is no doubt that the consistency, visibility, efficiency, control and future proof benefits that Netsuite brings to the table will be a game changer for DWR and their clients.