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The iA Group: Transforming APAC Enterprises through Intervention in Business Strategy

Enterprise Resource Planning has considerably changed the way businesses function for the better and has enabled organizations to function more efficiently,yielding more lucrative benefits. Despite its mainstream influence worldwide, adoption of ERP systems is still in its promising stages in the Asia Pacific region. Malaysia in particular has a huge deficit of ERP providers that have the potential to offer prospective solutions for enterprise management. The iA Group was founded to resolve this issue in the country by facilitating the transformation of Malaysian enterprises both in public and private sector through interventions in business strategy, public policy, and technology consulting and people development. Established 12 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The IA Group is one of the earliest sources of ERP services in the country.

Being part of a niche market in a countrywhere only few had prior knowledge of ERP, was a daunting for the iA Group. The organization’s initial challenges revolved around the lack of necessary infrastructure required to cultivate a proper environment for the development of ERP solutions. So, the iA Group constantly sought out the best solutions and talents available in the market to create an infrastructure that enabled the company to firmly cement its position in the Malaysian business landscape. The IA Group’s contribution to the Malaysian technology transformation makes up for the deficiency of ERP providers equipped to undertake large-scale projects involving complex solutions via its service Build, Operate and Transfer delivery model (BOT).The highly skilled team of professionals at The iA Group’s, key specializations in specific areas in financial services industry, plantation, conglomerates and public sector. These professionals enabled the iA Group to build, operate and transfer technology to our client.

Leading the iA Group is currently the Group CEO or Co-Founder, Datuk Dr. Hamzah Kassim who hasextensive experience in consulting and public policy and has held several senior positions across various Malaysian public institutions and global consulting firms.
Leveraging on his vast area of expertise and invaluable experience, he has guided The iA Group to create an environment that fosters innovation and bring about transformation in the public sector industry.

The iA Group’s core capabilities in business transformation service are backed by its end-to-end services in strategic management, project management and change management. He currently serves in several boards including University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), TanriAbeng University (TAU), Heriot Watt University Malaysia and Board of Directors for Hong Leong Islamic Bank in 2015.

The IA Group’s core capabilities in business transformation service is backed by its end-to-end services in strategic management, project management and change management

The iA Group’s credentials in the financial sector include offering technology solutions to Islamic finance and public finance by leveraging global platforms such as SAP. The organization has been instrumental in the integration of SAP services in the major banks of Malaysia which are required to comply with Shariah financial regulations. Shariah-based implementation of the loan management system powered by SAP, hadbeen integrated into three of the company’s clients is the first of its kind in the world.

The iA Group continues to expand its service capabilities by integrating latest technologies such as cloud computing, payment and digital solution to assist its clients in adapting the changing business environment. “As part of our ability to address complex solutions in ERP implementation, we constantly find ways to meet our customers’ specific needs,” elaborates Dr. Hamzah.