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Nippon Data Systems: Industry Specific ERP Solutions for the Organization of Today

To stay à la mode in today’s competitive market place, business houses need systems that can help them do more with what they have. Such efficiency can only be achieved by streamlining their internal business processes into a single cohesive unit and ensuring that the company operates at a higher level than usual. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems often come handy here. ERP leads to a higher level of productivity and to more profits. ERP also ensures greater levels of information flow among various departments. However, most of the propriety systems are either too expensive to implement or too complex to understand. Hence, enterprises look for quality software providers that can offer affordable and easy to implement ERP solutions. Nippon Data Systems Ltd. was incorporated to cater to this industry wide void. Harish Saraf, CEO adds, “The need to adapt to the ever changing business environment is inevitable and Nippon Data Systems takes it as an opportunity and brings out the best of solutions.”

Headquartered in Delhi (India), Nippon Data Systems Ltd. is a unique organization in the ERP software Applications space providing innovative, cost-effective and configurable solutions to meet industry specific requirements. Its flagship product, NEWTON ERP solution, manages information management needs of the enterprises operating in diverse business segments, ranging from single-location, single-product operations to multi-location, multi-product and multi-division operations. The uniqueness of NEWTON lies in its ability to integrate with every single aspect of the business such as sales and distribution, customer service, manufacturing and finance in one platform. NEWTON is an affordable, integrated business management solution that offers the comprehensive assortment of capabilities required to execute the business effectively. Additionally, NEWTON CRM provides end-to-end functionality to handle customer relationship to support sales functions and ensure enhanced customer experience.
Harish explains, “A high-level view of key business indicators facilitates faster and more accurate management decisions and NEWTON puts all of that at your fingertips.” NEWTON ERP provides industry specific solutions and is best suited for Fast-Step implementation of pre-configured solution. Besides, NEWTON seamlessly integrates in a hybrid environment comprising of both on premise and cloud deployments. Investment in NEWTON ensures that businesses recuperate their investments in shortest possible time. NEWTON’s industry specific ERP solutions are available for more than a dozen Industry verticals. In addition, NEWTON mobile deployments provide App based access and functions while retaining the web based controls.

NEWTON ERP provides industry specific solutions and is best suited for Fast-Step implementation of pre-configured solution

Nippon invests heavily in internal resource development, which in turn helps its consultants in understanding a client’s industry and specific business needs. From its inception in 1994, Nippon Data has achieved 100 percent success in every single project. Some of its elite clients include one of the largest Electrical products manufacturing companies in the world, a large FMCG company in India, a pharmaceuticals industry group, a Telecom VAS company, a steel plant in East Africa among others. Innovative and cost effective solutions delivered by the company have helped it to win an array of awards such as CMMi Level 5, ISO 9001 certified ISO 27001 certified and many more. Harish Saraf, expounds, “We are expanding our business in emerging markets and are committed to drive it with focus on customer’s success rather than just number of license sales.” Nippon plans to work closely with its clients to continue to innovate and provide unmatched solutions. It aspires to be among the top five preferred solution providers in the market.