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Pointstar: Integrating ERP services with Cloud

ERP since the 90s has been a pivotal driving force in the transformation of the way enterprises conducted business and managed themselves internally. Over the past two decades various advancements in the field of ERP have enabled enterprises worldwide to reach newer heights in management and resourcing. The introduction of Web 2.0 in the early 90s pushed the entire ERP industry in a completely different path prompting organizations to integrate modern IT technology into their ERP systems. 2008 saw the dawn of a new era that was highly inclined towards the use of virtual storage technology and eventually paved the way for the Cloud. Pointstar is a company that has been a key member of this contingent of pro-cloud technology businesses in the Asia-Pacific region from the start.

The Pointstar team in its early days of inception was quick to realize the potential of cloud-based ERP systems and the level of impact it could have on businesses worldwide. During its early years, Pointstar was quite successful in offering ERP solutions that were both flexible and compliant with its clients’ needs and enabled their businesses to achieve the necessary agility, efficiency and speed required to prosper in their respective markets.

In 2011 Poinstar formed a partnership with Cloud giant NetSuite and integrated their ERP suite with NetSuite’s cloud platform enabling the company to offer a cloud based ERP system that was easy to access, allowed access to multiple devices and provided flexible deployment. The NetSuite consulting team at Pointstar today is one of the largest and most established in the APAC region and aids its clients to a great extent in making a smooth transition into cloud based ERP systems. NetSuite OneWorld forms the bulk of Pointstar’s ERP services offering and the access this suite provides to real time business management and financial consolidation has brought great value to its clients’ businesses.
While undertaking any ERP project Pointstar follows a nine stage process which involves: Solution Validation, Initiation, Requirement Analysis, Design and Customization, Configuration, Validation, Deployment, Optimization and Support.
These steps ensure that Pointstar cover all the angles of the project and execute it efficiently without any major drawbacks.
Ever since its inception Pointstar has been an open forum for new innovations and this environment cultivated within the company has enabled it to acquire several new technologies and has also largely contributed to the company’s success in the APAC region.

The Pointstar team in its early days of inception was quick to realize the potential of cloud-based ERP systems and the level of impact it could have on businesses worldwide

Pointstar’s enthusiasm towards innovation also motivated the company to establish its own cloud centre of excellence, which provides its clients with the expert knowledge required to comprehend the intricacies of the cloud-ERP systems. “We are happy to say that our partnerships have allowed the initiative to achieve its breadth and depth, which in turn will help shape the future course of ERP and cloud computing,” says Justin Lee, CEO, Pointstar.
Its contribution to the ERP industry in the APAC region has earned Pointstar several accolades including the Google Special Contribution Award 2013 APAC ex Japan and the NetSuite Partner of the Year 2012, Singapore Awards. With its base steadily established in Singapore and Indonesia, Pointstar now seeks to expand its geographic horizons further into other territories of the APAC. The company also seeks to retain its tradition of embracing new technologies and intends to strengthen its technical complement further in the years to come.