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Shearwater Group: Putting an end to Obsolete ERP Systems by Utilizing NetSuite

Back in the late 2000’s the IT boon was gradually turning into a bane as the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure was amplifying. Traditional and lengthy ERP projects and systems being used by various companies lowered the growth rate, thereby increasing expenses. In a bid to pull companies out of obsolete and traditional ERP projects Shearwaters Group, a cloud solutions consulting company was founded in 2012. The company is an accumulation of small yet strong cloud organizations from Japan, India, Singapore and Thai. The founding members critically reviewed that the technological and skills gap in the industry were growing to an extent of being irreparable and thereby incorporated Shearwater Group in Japan. After having conducted an in-depth study about the market lags and requirements, Shearwater Group commenced their journey in the industry, providing end-to-end services specializing in Cloud technologies, Cloud ERP, Asia ERP and Asia business in a shortest time frame. Shearwater developed its undivided attention in helping companies grow and perform proficiently throughout the region by employing its competencies in technology and business processes optimization.

The organization provides end-to-end services from various locations across Asia Pacific regions namely Singapore, Thailand, India, China and Japan in English, Chinese, Japanese and French. Providing their high-end services in several languages has made it effortless for Shearwater to understand what their clients are in need of.

The company provides detailed and precise solutions to their clients after reviewing their clients’ issues and analyzing the actual needs of the company. Aiming to pull companies out of this critical stage, the organization opted for NetSuite’s ERP as their platform of choice to deliver world-class business services. Shearwater Group acknowledged the fact that cloud will enhance the systems and will fit the current Darwinian business environments, and has employed #1 Cloud Business Management Suite, NetSuite as their core specialty.
Briefing on how Shearwater’s NetSuite functions, Baptise Bassot, Senior Consultant, Shearwaters Group is of the opinion, “Basically NetSuite by Shearwater allows companies to stop managing their IT and let them focus on managing their business - getting more automation, and more intelligence!” NetSuite simplifies hairballs made of various separate discombobulated systems. NetSuite enhances the clients’ processes in managing their business.

NetSuite by Shearwater allows companies to stop managing their IT and let them focus on managing their business - getting more automation, and more intelligence

Utilizing a well-performing cloud native single seamless database enables businesses to function across Asia in different languages, currencies, tax systems etc. This enables companies to administer a whole array ranging from E-commerce to accounting, warehouse management to marketing. Apart from NetSuite, the company also focuses on IT and Robotics and the ways they are linked to ERPs.
Shearwater Group has taken the reins of the industry within a short period of three years, covering China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia with their multi-disciplinary and positive outcome-oriented approach. Dream Incubator Ltd., NASA, Suntech, Greenwings and Singapore Yacht Club are few of the elite names in the company’s clientele.

The current prospects have earned Shearwater highly-esteemed honors namely 2012 Best Partner Awards, 2013 Most Innovative Partner Awards, 2013 3 Stars Partner and 2014 3 Stars Partners. Striving to become a trail-blazer in the industry, the company has well-prepared their future endeavors in terms of technological, sales, headcount and geographical expansion. Ending on a confident note Baptiste says, “Armed with the world-leading Cloud ERP technology; offices covering the whole Asia Pacific region and our wealth of business knowledge, we’re uniquely placed to delight our clients.”