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25 Most promising ERP solutions Providers

SOD Technologies: Sole Provider of Open Source ERP—iDempiere

Implementing ERP software brings forth significant changes to business, most important being the ease of storing and retrieving data stored in different departmental silos. To that end, open source ERP is particularly attractive to small and medium sized businesses that want to benefit from its availability, ease of implementation and cost effectiveness, without paying for large licensing and support fees to proprietary software vendors. Among all other Open source ERP solutions available in the market today, iDempiere is one of the most powerful business software for enterprise management and many organizations are embracing it with open arms in their ERP implementations. IDempiere has revolutionized the ERP industry to such an extent and is steadily unseating the incumbents—the proprietary ERP software suites.

SOD Technologies is a pioneer and leading global services provider for end-to-end iDempiere ERP solutions. Located in Cochin, Kerala and incepted in 2001 under UroGulf Group of companies, SOD Technologies specializes in implementation of open source ERP systems. It helps customers define and integrate expert strategies and solutions that are in-line with their business objectives. Faizal M Khalid, CEO adds, “We are not a traditional software development company; rather we are the world’s best iDempiere services provider who works closely with every client and guides them through the implementation”. As one of the leading providers of Open source ERP in India, SOD Technologies’ brings forth strong and reliable back office functional modules that are cost effective for the small, medium and large organizations.
The organization has deployed open-source ERP solutions for diversified industries, including retail, manufacturing, facility management, trading, supply chain management, real estate, banking and many other sectors across the globe

After mandating Opensource technologies in government sector from Govt of India, SOD Technologies was selected by ICFOSS (International Centre for Free Opensource Software) to undertake Enterprise projects and the first project for SOD Technologies from ICFOSS was with Spices board of India.
Spices board of India were facing hardships in managing their financial transactions for which SOD Technologies has created a sophisticated Financial Management platform which helped them to control and manage their transactions via integrating with Axis, SBT Banks corporate payment systems.

IDempiere has revolutionized the ERP industry to such an extent and is steadily unseating the incumbents—the proprietary ERP software suites.

Africa’s first M-Commerce platform deployed by SOD Technologiespartnering with MTN Telecom, was integrated with MTN Virtual Money Float with backend IDempiere application. In this engagement, the first M-Commerce product was a poultry producer, Ugachick which has exceeded their expectations. SOD Technologies understood Ugachik’s business needs and implemented IDempiere Open-source ERP along with a newly developed Mobile application that integrates ‘Virtual Money Float’ from MTN with Ugachick Mobile application, enabling customers to order and pay for products and services online. INTEL is yet another breakthrough from SODTECH in managing sales person and evaluating points.

SODTECH in Enterprise Mobility helps customers to implement new mobility technologies and help organizations become profitable. The organization has comprehensive expertise in terms of building dynamic native, hybrid and cross platform enterprise applications. SODTECH has releasedyet another innovation in Travel and Tourism Sector by its in house developed Destination management services to its consulting services lineup. SOD Technologies’ plans to expand its open-source ERP solutions across APAC region and is actively looking for ERP sales partners. Khalid concludes, “IDempiere open-source ERP has far more advantages than proprietary products and organizations in APAC region are now gradually adapting it for its performance and cost benefits. We help them in this transition”.