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25 Most promising ERP solutions Providers

SYSPRO: A Trusted ERP Software Provider for Manufacturing and Distribution Enterprises

SYSPRO is an industry-leading architect of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offering solution-focused, mid-market solution to manufacturers and distributors. Recalling the modest beginning of SYSPRO — founder of SYSPRO, Phil Duff notes, “It’s quite difficult to imagine the beginnings of SYSPRO when you consider where it is today, and the rest, as they say, is history.” From typing the first invoice in 1978 on a battered typewriter to having offices in diversified geographies such as Australia, Canada, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States, the company has navigated more than 3 decades of steady growth to reach its objective as a best in breed integrated enterprise solution.

Customer focus is the key to SYSPRO’s strong leadership position in the enterprise application market. SYSPRO provides a unique combination of robust, scalable technologies that ensure minimal risk and high return on investment. Its user-friendly ERP application is intuitive yet powerful. SYSPRO’s app store ensures a secure and reliable environment in which the global SYSPRO community can share and collaborate on tailor-made solutions and develop in response to specific customer needs. SYSPRO 7 is comprised of 44 modules that allow seamless integration into a host of 3rd party software and application to ensure continued transparency and fluidity of information.

SYSPRO Espresso is a mobile application platform that allows organizations to access their business data remotely and on-premise. It enables the subscriber to create applications that work on desktops, tables and mobile phones providing instant and secure access to information about customers, suppliers, and inventory. SYSPRO Espresso increases productivity, speeds up decision making process, empowers employees, improves customer engagement, and provides built-in security and management, essentially simplifying their success.
Cloud ERP Solutions allows customers to benefit from a full-fledged ERP deployment without having to purchase and maintain their own IT infrastructure SYSPRO’s cloud deployment reduces the overhead costs and optimizes implementation, and retains control over software upgrades and security issues. The company provides choice of cloud solutions such as SYSPRO BusinessLive, SaaS, Managed Services, IaaS and Cloud Platform, allowing customers the flexibility to build solutions that align well with their business needs and give customers the control, insight, and agility they need.

Phil Duff adds, “SYSPRO provides real-time access to operational information, data-driven decision making and target-oriented management services.”

SYSPRO’s cloud deployment reduces the overhead costs and optimizes implementation, and retains control over software upgrades and security issues

It’s SaaS hosting infrastructure is charged on a monthly basis. SYSPRO also provides guidelines on how best to host SYSPRO on the Microsoft Azure platform. Unlike many other ERP Service providers, SYSPRO has been able to retain 98 percent of its customers year on year, a feat that can be attributed to its ability to adapt to evolving technology trends, and its understanding of customers’ dynamic needs.

SYSPRO is a long list of accolades and favorable analyst reports from Gartner Magic Quadrant and Tec Certification. This year SYSPRO has won several awards: Gold Award at Asia-Pacific Grand Stevie® Awards Category, Australian Business Award 2015, New Products & Services: Software, Supply Chain Management Solution SYSPRO 7, and Tech Innovation Awards for ‘Private Outstanding Technology Company’. Now operating in more than 63 countries, the company has earned the trust of its customers. It serves various sectors from Aerospace to Wholesale, but has a strong foothold in the food and beverage, medical devices, automotiveeom, electronics, and machinery and equipment industries. SYSPRO is currently gearing up for the launch of SYSPRO Leopard the updated version of SYSPRO 7 which is slated for 2017.