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AWC Software: Mobilizing ERP through Oracle Product-skills

Oracle eBusiness suite implementation is hugely diversified and complex in terms of implementation and support with skilled Oracle resources. The paucity of reliable resources on Oracle skills and solutions had to be bridged with an astute entity that revolves around the perfect implementations of Oracle eBusiness suites. AWC, founded in 2007 was sure to make an impact on Oracle eBusiness Solutions as the entity was built upon the principles developed on sheer Oracle eBusines sservice modules and skilled pool resources that can later be involved in projects at various client’s site. The organisation offers built-in support assistance for various Oracle tools, products, and applications. AWC also has developed domain specific services for production support as well as initiating projects based on Oracle tools.

AWC has also helped aid the companies migrate towards newer Oracle eBusiness suites that offer Improved Analytical and reporting capabilities, minimal need of optimization, better payment functionality, and seamless integration. For example, the companies that are migrating to the newer R12 eBusiness Modules are assessed by providing enhanced functionalities for various domains, enabling analytic features, mobility performance, and also the development of new platforms for integrating of applications as required.Building data warehouse solutions, Implementing of Legacy applications to Oracle apps, Implementing Financial modules, Developing WebMethods, Product Development, Analysis and reporting are some key services that AWC exclusively offers over a widely established Oracle network. “All Oracle customers today have four pillars around their application landscape i.e. ERP, Analytics, Integrations (between multiple systems) and custom application development. AWC can cater to all the above pillars in terms of Implementation and/or support services. Hence customers can look AWC as a single partner to support their Oracle install base”, quotes Praveen Maheshwari, Founder & CEO, AWC Software.
The company’s artistry abides among the repositories that enable the team to upgrade in a very shorter period of time with an advantage of Fusion Middleware (multiple Oracle tools, products, apps, and services) that makes way for any upgrade to the newer ERPs. The typical suite of integrated applications that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data requires skilled technical monitoring that is based on Oracle Resources. AWC is an ‘all-in-one’ Oracle gold partner that negates the need for other tools used in eBusiness.“The unique service which AWC brings in is that the Oracle E-Business Suite resources complements the resources which work on Oracle Fusion Middleware. This helps in automating the process around Oracle E-Business Suite and helps organizations to build fusion middleware platform. In addition to this Oracle Mobility products skills helps in integrating the ERP to mobility,” adds Praveen. The data base activities, setups, and the existing enterprise application services start developing functionality upgrades which AWC also caters upon so that the customer value is drawn to heights.

AWC has developed domain specific services for production support as well as initiating projects based on Oracle tools

Apart from OracleAWC also diversifies its service offering by purveying solutions in a multitude of verticals including ERP, BI and consulting for various IT sectors.AWC envisions further diversification as an IT firm by expanding their service competency onto platforms like SAP, Microsoft, Newgen etc. The vision of the company still will be channelled to be an organization that empowers resources with skills and to develop solutions to ‘Internet of things’ by automating the processes through mobility revolving around the Oracle eBusiness Suite. AWC’s motive also abides in creating a value-driven customer experience through trainings and project experience in shorter time frame.