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25 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers

Fountainhead Technologies: The Go-To Company for Oracle Solutions in Philippines

Partnerships are often more successful than individual endeavors. This is because a partnership works beyond individual constraints of perception, knowledge, skills or other resources. It gives access to a wider variety of ideas, shares the financial costs and allows partners to confidently tackle issues that they had previously faced but could not solve individually. Partnership also promotes bonding among business partners. Having preserved several business and technical challenges, three astute Oracle consultants share the same kind of bonding today. Jojo, Pargad and Teddy, during their tenure as Oracle consultants in various organizations, realized that there is an industry-wide void for reliable, local yet resourceful consulting firms which specializes in Oracle Solutions. In order to bridge this gap these three Oracle experts set out to start an Oracle consulting and solutions firm that could help businesses realize their true potential. It was in 2001 that they founded Fountainhead Technologies to provide enterprise solutions and Oracle E-Business Suite implementation and support services.There was no looking back since.

Operating from Philippines came as an added advantage to Fountainhead. The country fosters innovation and is a very good source for high quality IT and business process professionals. Over the years, Fountainhead has developed a comprehensive product portfolio to serve every aspect of enterprise IT. Its industry leading financial and procurement module enables clients to track and monitor real-time project performance status. It improves day-to-day monitoring, minimizes project cost and boosts productivity. The company’s e-business suite provides a holistic view of the micro and macro parameters of the project. With time, Fountainhead has also adapted to changing IT landscape. Going by the cost and flexibility benefits of the cloud, Fountainhead has incorporated cloud technology into its product line.

Fountainhead is the largest Oracle consulting firm in Philippines. But unlike

most other Oracle service providers who employ offshore resources, it believes in building in-house capabilities. Haile Pargad B. Biteng, Chairman and COO, explains, “We have well trained functional and technical specialists in Oracle Financials, Supply Chain and Order Management and Oracle Manufacturing.” The Oracle experts at the company are encouraged to offer practical solutions to the clients. Consultants are well trained in technology as well as in soft skills. Consultants usually handle projects all throughout planning, support and maintenance phases. Technical and functional support team of the company debugs technical issues such as bugs, customization, or development for new requirements. Fountainhead addresses all Oracle-related concerns including database administration, technical and functional support, regular on-site/off-site training, help desk and level 1/2/3 support.

Jose Agostinho Salvador,President and CEO, Fountainhead, adds, “We tell our Oracle customers to leave all their issues to us, so that they can focus on their core business.” However, employing a high quality Oracle specialist has never been cost effective for small and medium sized businesses who want to deploy Oracle solutions as their business support functions. Having spent several years in the industry, founder of Fountainhead understand this problem very well. To that end, the company’s custom designed long-term support and maintenance services prove cost effective in many cases.

Technical and functional support team of Fountainhead debugs technical issues such as bugs, customization, or development for new requirements

Fountainhead has served more than 100 clients so far. Recognized by Oracle as the go-to partner, Fountainhead plans to expand in terms of number of offices, partnerships and project implementations, while it focuses on providing low cost and high quality services. With strong business and technology acumen, Fountainhead aims to expand its services to global customers in the years to come.