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Pansoft: Empowering Businesses through Oracle Identity Management

The integration of Oracle in businesses has enabled companies to push the boundaries created by traditional database systems, thereby fostering growth amongst enterprises. Oracle provides companies with the highest levels of performance, scalability, security and reliability required to thrive in today’s highly competitive market. This applies evermore so for the Asia Pacific region where companies of contrasting verticals are constantly in a rat race to offer the most optimal solution in their respective areas of specialization. One such company that offers oracle solutions to companies in the Asia Pacific is India based firm, Pansoft. Established as a joint venture established by IT specialists Pankaj, Amit and Nazim, Pansoft has been at the forefront of implementing security for Oracle database systems.

Since inception Pansoft has always sought to address the issues primarily pertaining to security in Oracle systems. Its services to this end are focused towards mitigating issues related to majority of security breaches from within an organization, orphaned accounts, expired access rights, lack of aggregated audit and accountability, leaked password, administrative cost, user productivity and IT productivity. Pansoft collectively addresses these issues through its panacea of solutions dubbed Oracle Identity and Access Management. This solution was devised to enhance administration cost, IT productivity and user productivity within an organization. This coupled with Pansoft’s managed services solutions which are available 24x7 all year round provide the most optimal platform for companies to reduce their cost and focus on their core business. Pansoft is also home to the largest complement of in-house DBA’s that strives to provide its unique brand of service all year round without any blocks.
Since its introduction to Pansoft service competence in 2013, Oracle Identity and Access Management has been the core of their business offering and has been marketed by the company as its USP. This service runs on a next generation identity management platform that provides scalability, enables organizations to rapidly comply with regulatory mandates, secures sensitive applications and data regardless of their hosted locations and reduces operational costs. This system supports a comprehensive Oracle database management system that reduces application downtime and enables companies to adapt quickly with the various changes in the market. Pansoft offers the best of breed management solutions for Oracle, Oracle e-business suite, SQL server, MySQL and Postgres SQL environments which are subject to the deep insights, proven experience and industrialized delivery capabilities and experience of oracle professionals at Pansoft’s disposal.

Primarily operating out of India, Pansoft has been successful in establishing itself as a major purveyor of Oracle database management and security services

Primarily operating out of India, Pansoft has been successful in establishing itself as a major purveyor of Oracle database management and security services. This has also attributed to the company’s incessant annual growth of 10-15 percent since inception. To expand its operational capabilities further, Pansoft intends to open a Network Operations centre in India dedicated only to the management and dispersal Cloud Computing and Infra managed Services. Along with this Pansoft also intends to cement its position in the markets of Qatar and Dubai where it has already set up bases. “Pansoft has a target to reach 5 times the revenue generated in 2015 until 2018 December,” elaborates Pankaj (CFO Pansoft) on the company’s financial goals.