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PCCW Solutions Limited: Fostering Digital Transformation through Outsourcing

Traditional technologies which for decades have cemented the foundations of various industries are gradually being rendered obsolete as we go deeper into the digital era. While the digital era’s inception could be dated back to the late 90s and early 2000s, its influence has just started to impact businesses over the past few years. This has made it a mandate for enterprises to embrace digital technology. Outsourcing for this purpose has enabled companies to procure a multitude of digital implementation services from various disciplines of IT. One of the major industry players is Hong Kong-based PCCW Solutions, which has been at the forefront of providing digital transformation services for over a decade and a half. PCCW Solutions is the IT and business process outsourcing flagship of a large conglomerate, PCCW Limited, which also holds interests in telecommunications, media, property development and investment and other businesses. Conceived in 2000, PCCW Solutions holds a wealth of experience and expertise in IT services, advising customers to leverage technology for business growth, better customer experience and higher operational efficiency.

PCCW Solutions focuses on delivery to ensure quality outcome in time and within budget, catering to its clients’ needs and bearing in mind the challenges that arise while implementing IT projects. The company then diverts its focus towards addressing these challenges systematically to negate any issues that might arise. These solutions are also targeted at bringing the flexibility factor into the mix. “We have solid processes and infrastructure to deliver complex projects that require cooperation with a number of partners, leveraging our existing Delivery Centers to make a multi-country delivery model,” says Ramez Younan, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions.
To further enhance its service delivery, PCCW Solutions also cultivates a culture of open and transparent communication with clients and keeps them well updated on the status of their projects. The company involves itself in the development of joint plans with each client and reports periodically to all the stakeholders involved. The company’s professional team tailors different solutions for its clients to derive the most optimal results in a turnkey manner. This can be well observed in PCCW Solutions’ project with the Hong Kong Immigration Department, when the company provided over 6.9 million Hong Kong citizens with the first generation of smart ID cards, working with more than 20 vendors to provide end-to-end solutions to the Immigration Department and continuing to provide support to maintain these systems.

PCCW Solutions involves itself in the development of joint plans with each client and reports periodically to all the stakeholders involved

The company’s positive disposition towards digital technology’s prospects for business transformation has been a motivational force in the development of the company’s world-class IoT platform. The platform is relevant across industries and is also cost effective. To make digital transformation easier, PCCW Solutions has also developed a comprehensive suite of integrated cloud applications - InfinitumTM. Going forward, the company intends to promote digital lifestyle and derive greater outcomes for its customers through its five-pronged strategy that includes being customer/industry-focused, going international, digital, cloud and leveraging partnerships.