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Rapid4Cloud: Successfully Automating Oracle Applications Implementation

The implementation of Oracle Applications has always been intriguing and challenging. For long, companies have been looking for alternatives to the Labour intensive approach to configuring, migrating and maintaining operational systems like ERP, SCM & CRM. Founded in 2008, Rapid4Cloud has emerged as a global one-stop company that offers automated solutions for Oracle’s E-Business Suite and Fusion Cloud Applications. The software enables automatic set-ups and configuration that otherwise takes tens of consultants many months, to perform the same tasks.

The company’s products and services are built atop two main principles – ‘Automation and Reducing Complexity’. “Since incorporating the company, our mission has been to provide the most advanced, flexible and easy to use solutions for customers and partners alike, to setup, maintain and transition ERP/CRM/SCM systems through out-of-the-box thinking and automation,” says Suresh Kalpathy, President of Rapid4Cloud. The tools and solutions rendered to clients are assembled around standard industry technologies (Java, SQL, and HTML) and can adapt, enhance and evolve with the implementation process of Oracle applications. Tools used in the automation process get in-sync with the existing configuration and customer data from any Oracle Instance which is later managed in a central cloud-based environment to build-up newer Oracle Instances. “In a nutshell our aim is to ‘Reduce Time & Cost’ for Oracle implementations and we have successfully done that across more than 150 customers so far,” adds Suresh. Rapid4Cloud carefully advocates the existing business models and introduces newer tools which help companies in Configuration Management, Instance Creation, Set-ups & Data Migration, Testing, and Reporting.
Rapid4Cloud is one of the first companies that proliferated the concept of automation to implement Oracle applications, which was unheard of before. The next generation Rapid4Cloud software is now all set to help clients with Oracle’s Cloud initiation through Oracle’s Application product development. “Our most significant offering is the power of automation that we offer at every stage of an Oracle implementation cycle, through our software. Whether it is copying configurations from one instance to another; or rolling out additional entities; or simply documenting what is inside a customer’s ERP instance – Rapid4Cloud enables rapid set up of Oracle instances in a matter of days,” says Suresh.

Rapid4Cloud has provided the most advanced, flexible and easy to use solutions for Customers & Partners alike, to setup, maintain and transition ERP/CRM/SCM systems through Out-of-the-Box thinking and Automation

Rapid4Cloud has successfully managed to reduce timeframe for Oracle implementations by more than 50% and thereby related costs too. The leap of faith that companies are taking with their implementation, is providing further impetus to the capabilities that Rapid4Cloud can deliver. Large enterprises such as Emerson, Eaton, Mazda, Facebook, Cummins and NexTel are a few of Rapid4Cloud’s clients. The organization has been conferred with prestigious awards such as ‘Oracle ISV Partner of the year 2009’ along with the ‘High Achiever award for Manufacturing Automation in 2008’. Rapid4Cloud now envision to expand their network in India, Middle East and UK in 2016.