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Req Technology Consulting: Spearheading the Enterprise in the APAC

The pervasive use of modern cloud based technologies such as mobile has led to major security concerns amongst businesses worldwide. This security issue is magnified in the oracle suite as it runs on several different cloud based platforms and has been used as a primary database tool for decades now. Indeed most of the companies worldwide rely heavily on the various tools offered by this IT giant. Hence, now more than ever it has become mandatory for companies to seek out Oracle solution providers that can offer a secure running platform for their database needs. 2016 so far has been host to several media reports related to incidents of security breaches such as customer information leakages from big corporations followed by blackmail, unauthorized access of the university systems leading to leakage of student data, web service suspension due to cyber attack and several others. This dire need for cyber security which has existed for the past decade, especially in business systems, has prompted several organizations to take up cyber security services as their primary service offering and have created a global industry. To this, end modern technologies such as IoT and Big Data have enhanced the security features in the Oracle Database with the new features incorporated in it. Japan based firm Req Technology Consulting (Re:QTC) is a primary provider of such database security services in the Asia Pacific region.

Setting up a Secure Platform for Oracle
Re:QTC was conceived in 2008 to address the growing need for a solution that could mitigate the leakage of sensitive data from business systems and offer a comprehensively secure database that complied with all the technological updates. Re:QTC’s first database assessment service provided security enhancement plan that was based upon the then current systems set up and operations. This service was primarily targeted at offering the most optimal security solutions to database rendering them most impenetrable. “Re:QTC covers all the issues involved in the implementation of security features for the Oracle database,” explains Shigeru Kamiya, who is the current President of Re:Q Technology. This starts by gaining a clear understanding of the particular Oracle database and the systems that support it. To this end the database assessment service offered by Re:QTC proves to be a cut above the rest in deriving the most accurate reports. The company then devises specific measures for each problem and implements these after doing a thorough diagnostic check which determines whether these measures will comply well with the system.

Throughout the process the clients are constantly made aware of all the changes that are made through updated reports. The assessment service also mitigates the risk factor involved in the implementation processes for the databases. For companies in the APAC this comes as a boon, being in a market where the margin for error is as a strand of hair. Furthermore the use of such a thorough cycle of processes also reduces the chance of issues that might surface in the future thereby equipping database systems to handle most possible issues that might affect its efficient functioning.

Crafting a Best in Class Oracle Suite
Over the years Re:QTC has incorporated several other services to support the oracle databases across the companies it catered to. One the major services among these would be the designing and building of database systems. This service involves the designing of Oracle databases to comply with each client’s individual business needs. Quite often just possession of a database leaves the entire system in a state of leftoverture. Re:QTC, understanding the hassles of such systems, has added several services to support and maintain the Oracle database. Some of these
services include database operation support, service for incident recovery and periodic diagnosis, Oracle Exadata Database Machine Implementation which involves designing and building and Oracle database security services. Re:QTC also aids companies in maintaining and enhancing the databases created by other database solution providers. This can be considered an attribute unique to Re:QTCas most providers find it quite hard to work on the database systems created by someone else. This quality of Re:QTC serves as an added bonus to clients especially when they have plans for database server migration. Re:QTC’s compliance with any type of database enables clients to smoothly migrate, update or rebuild their database infrastructures without any hassle. The company also offers its clients options for customization which provide them with wider range of choices when it comes to the selection of hardware, middleware and other components which are required to suite their individual needs. This also reduces the lead time involved in the migration process.

Re:QTC has maintained an impressive history of customer service, satisfying all their needs pertaining to database service and management. One noteworthy example would be the services rendered by Re:QTC towards the optimization of database for a tour search company which maintained data on tours undertaken by a large number of people. The company specialized in the analysis of the large amount of tour data generated therein. Re:QTC optimized their data analysis processes by providing them with a comprehensive analysis system that resolved data obtained from reservation and marketing systems. This however was no easy task, the client needed several upgrades and system rebuilds to support such a database. Re:QTC helped the company upgrade its hardware and build updated servers that were highly efficient and largely minimized the margin for failure and error. For the migration process Re:QTC employed Oracle’s Golden Gate migration which enabled the company to move vast amounts of data in a short amount of time. The entire migration process took Re:QTC less than 3 hours to complete, leaving plenty of time to work out the kinks in the system. Once the entire project was complete the client was provided with a system that negated most reasons for errors and failure. Re:QTC also provided various database auditing tools to enable efficient visualization of data.

Re:QTC has maintained an impressive history of customer service, satisfying all their needs pertaining to database service and management

Upgrading the APAC Enterprise
Since inception Re:QTC has always been on the lookout for newer updates in Oracle to deliver the best solution available to its clients in the APAC. This approach over the years has earned the company the loyalty of numerous clients who have recognized it as their primary Oracle partner. Re:QTC’s positive disposition towards newly released plural software products has aided the company to cement its position firmly in the APAC market. “We gained the trust of the customer by solving the difficult trouble that was not able to be settled in the other companies and building the infrastructure system using plural software products released newly,” says Shigeru Kamiya. These days the company is venturing into new horizons by exploring the world of Virtual Storage, which is quite a trend in the IT sector. In the years to come Re: QTC intends to further expand its capabilities in virtual storage technology along with employing the services of specialists well versed in the implementation and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. The company also intends to expand its services to the more developed markets of Europe and North America.