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Amicus Digital: Enabling Enterprises on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For most enterprises, digital and social media marketing holds huge potential to increase their sales. But a lack of clear understanding on how to take advantage of the technology to achieve those results often baffles them. Understandably, the full adoption of marketing technology takes time and demands a thorough understanding of what they are capable of doing. With over 2,000 different platforms on offer, it’s no wonder there is mass confusion amongst businesses.

Founded in 2015, Amicus Digital demystifies this uncertainty by helping organizations implement the right marketing cloud strategies and providing consulting and delivery services using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It works with businesses to accelerate implementations, create cutting edge programs, drive adoption through the user base and deliver faster return on investment.

The founders of Amicus Digital—Blair Cooke and Jessie Mitchell—during their tenure as former executives at Salesforce Marketing Cloud observed that there exists a vast gap between the capability of the software and the ability of many businesses to execute. Blair Cooke, Managing Director, recalls, “We realized that it takes many businesses far too much time to maximize their investments in marketing technology. Amicus Digital was born out of this need. ” The company works consultatively with its clients and identifies pain points to improve customer experience. It recommends and defines the role of software and helps users to take full advantage of the marketing ecosystem.

Amicus Digital’s services include Consulting & Advisory, Technical Delivery & Implementation, Training, Enablement & On-Boarding and Social Media Research & Analysis. It works as an in-house team to develop base solution and then integrates it with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to meet the requirements. For customers who find themselves hamstrung in their ability to use the technology effectively, Amicus Digital supports them with training on Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Beside, the company also undertakes deep social research on target audiences and competitors, helping brands to redesign their promotional activities and product outlook.

Amicus Digital helps them by developing personalized and dynamic programs, creating relevant communication channels for deeper engagement

Clients who deploy the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a highly flexible and sophisticated tool, often lack the knowledge to derive all the benefits. Amicus Digital helps them by developing personalized and dynamic programs, creating relevant communication channels for deeper engagement. It even helps clients in identifying and integrating data from several sources and uses them to create automated programs. Jessie Mitchell, Founder adds, “We are only interested in helping our clients and see them succeed.” The Company uses agile methodology and swift processes.

Amicus Digital works with medium to large businesses including enterprise clients. In one such engagement with a global company, it worked as an extension of the client’s in-house technology team. Based on-site, it has supported client’s marketing team in using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It audited the cloud marketing solutions, supported internal processes, and defined change management approaches, while complying with regulatory obligations. Strategic insights and best practice consultancy provided by Amicus Digital has markedly improved client’s efficiency and helped them achieve corporate goals and this work is now being rolled out across the company’s operations in other regions.

Clients of this Sydney, Australia, based company come from diverse segments: Media, Retail, Finance, FMCG, Travel, Entertainment and Education, and the clientele includes News Ltd, Stockland, Crown Resorts, Pernod Ricard and many others. The company remains focused on its consulting services and plans to accelerate customer programs to help clients stay at the forefront of the competition. Amicus Digital is also developing innovative solutions to bring other disruptive technologies in cloud marketing to the fore.