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APSIS: Strengthening the Digital Marketing Space with Powerful Solutions

In the last 20 years, we’ve witnessed a global digital revolution. It’s paved the way for a technically advanced society, and inspired numerous digital marketing trends. With its ability to create a buzz in the human world, not to mention the dominance of social media channels in our daily lives, digital marketing has a greater impact on modern society than ever before. It was because of this increased impact that Swedish entrepreneur Anders Frankel founded APSIS, a digital marketing company providing well-designed solutions for a digitally aware audience, in 2001. Since then, APSIS has expanded to all of today’s leading Nordic business centres. With its headquarters in Malmo (Sweden), the company is now lead by CEO Kim Mortensen. In 2009, APSIS expanded its global footprint and started building a strong presence in the APAC region. “With our growing international client base, we saw a special demand from our clients in the Asia-Pacific area, which led to our office in Hong Kong. Since this region has grown even stronger in the past years, last year we expanded our local presence to Singapore,” adds Kim.

This evolution of digital marketing has been accompanied by a surge in new technologies. Mobile devices and social media, maybe the most important features of digital societies today, have evoked new types of promotional activities through emails and SMS, for example. Early on, APSIS identified that when it comes to ROI, email marketing is still the strongest channel in a digital marketer’s toolbox, which is why they developed their primary email marketing tool, APSIS Pro. Today, the company has enlarged its offering and offers a range of comprehensive digital marketing tools: marketing automation/triggered emails, SMS marketing, event management, surveys, lead management and e-commerce-related offerings such as abandoned cart recovery are now all an integral part of the APSIS portfolio.

APSIS provides specialised teams of strategists, email designers and digital communication experts to work together with clients on their overall digital marketing strategy.

However, the company has still kept and evolved its focus on developing their in-house digital marketing platforms, including professional consultancy services, support and knowledge-sharing events that aim to help online marketers establish their brands.

Today, APSIS provides specialised teams of strategists, email designers and digital communication experts to work together with clients on their overall marketing strategy. This can include everything in a company’s digital marketing scope: from email marketing and automation to e-commerce and lead management. “Our clients face a constantly changing digital industry and technology. They have to adapt to new technical knowledge levels all the time. Internal IT infrastructures are becoming more complex and challenging, and it increases the need for well-designed, effective and relevant communication,” says Kim. APSIS addresses these challenges by providing simple, customer-oriented solutions that are easy to implement. The company does not limit itself to one specific audience, but provides services for B2C, B2B and NGO businesses as well.

APSIS believes that a result-driven approach is key for evolving and growing as a strong player in the market. “Our core competence is helping customers grow their business, which ties in with our company’s strong focus on providing a positive customer experience during the entire sales process, in order to drive profit and gain a competitive edge,” Kim explains. “Our fantastic, stable growth rate in Hong Kong and our steadily expanding client base makes it clear that the APAC region has huge business potential for us. This is why we’re looking into building a stronghold in this region with our current offices.”