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Indietech: Amalgamating Strategy, Creativity and Technology

Over a decade ago, integrating sales and marketing communications with online technologies was a challenge that only big businesses with deep pockets could meet. Impersonal marketing communications and manual sales processes were endemic of most industries at that time. But with a background in CRM database management and IT infrastructure, Ben Dexter – founder and director of Indietech, saw an opportunity to leverage new technologies to help SME’s improve their online engagement with customers and prospects through innovative Marketing Automation practices.

As the needs of their client base expanded, and now in its seventh year of operation, Indietech has developed into a full-service Digital Marketing and Creative Agency specializing in digital strategy, branding, web design and marketing communications.

“We work with developing brands to help them realize the strength of their brand and the nature of their target markets first. Only then do we embark on creative and technical projects that aim to inspire, excite and spark their customers into action,” says Ben. “That is our starting position for every project.”

According to Ben, this top-down approach to brand communications has been the source of success for many of their client campaigns. “While we have a very sound understanding of emerging technologies, the secret is to always ensure the customer-facing sides of these technologies remains decidedly human. Regardless of what platforms are available, it’s all about creating communications that are personal, engaging and well-timed.”

“In the retail space, we know consumers buy brands. However, within every organization, and behind every purchase, there is a person making the purchasing decision. A lot of B2B marketing at this level lacks humanity. We see our goal as connecting with these buyers as humans first and foremost.”
With a large proportion of their clientele occupying the B2B space, Indietech’s team have developed websites and digital marketing campaigns with automation technologies as a powerful feature of every project.The focus on automation across sales and marketing activities aims to streamline processes while improving experiences for customers throughout every interaction they may have with a business.

Interactions such as lead generation, prospect nurture and conversion, client on-boarding and ongoing support are all touch points that need to be consistent in the eyes of a customer.

Within every organization, and behind every purchase, there is a person making the purchasing decision. A lot of B2B marketing at this level lacks humanity

“We know that we can literally transform the way businesses engage with their prospects and clients, in turn, driving more business. Best of all, business intelligence tools can tell us exactly where, why and how we’re winning business. With the right conditions, we can develop highly effective marketing ecosystems that are guaranteed to generate revenue.”

“In the APAC region, I see a mindset slowly changing as stakeholders in Marketing and IT departments recognize that investment in new MarTech must be coupled with a creative strategy in order to generate returns,” says Ben. “This hasn’t always been the case as decision makers are often sold on features and benefits rather than concerning themselves with the creative elements required to appropriately harness the technologies.”

By clearly differentiating themselves in a crowded online space, Indietech aims to rise to the top. “As communicators at heart, we know we can get results for businesses that have a vision for engaging the market in smarter ways – ways that challenge their competitors and inspire their target clientele,” concludes Ben.