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Swift Digital: Rendering High-end Digital Marketing Solutions

Established in early 2000, Swift Digital founders Poo Chee Yuen and Paul Hodgson set out to develop a platform that leveraged the growing acceptance of Software as a Service and deliver what would later be known as a Marketing Automation solution targeted at squarely professional marketers.

Two key differentiators of Swift Digital are the high level of personalized service and support afforded to their customers and the multi-faceted functionality the platform delivers. In this regard, Poo Chee Yuen, MD& Founder, Swift Digital, opines, “In the beginning we made the crucial decision to provide high level of service and support around the platform itself to offer clients a virtual extension of their marketing teams. Right from the start we knew we didn't want to be a faceless company. Instead of a mass market product, our aim was to appeal to companies that valued good service, were conscious of their brand integrity and needed a high quality product. As marketers ourselves we understand that technology alone just doesn’t cut it. Being able to discuss ideas and leverage the experience of our team whenever it’s required makes us much more than a software vendor. Our clients look on us as part of their team. ”

In order to deliver on that goal the company has built a strong team of highly skilled professionals including in-house graphics designers, web developers, programmers, marketing experts, project managers and account managers. “One factor that we have always valued highly in our people is their ability to communicate well. It’s much easier to develop technical skills than communication skills so we look for people who are highly capable in their field but and work well with the rest of the team and customers like.” Poo Chee says.
Incorporating email marketing with event management, surveys and sms the platform integrates seamlessly with websites, social media and CRM in a way that customers can easily master. Unlike similar platforms that require extensive configuration and long implementation stages Swift Digital have set out to deliver a world class, straightforward turnkey solution businesses actually understand.

With a client base that is largely made up of banking, insurance, government, accounting and legal practices security and privacy lie at the very foundation of the platform.

With a strong focus on ease of use throughout the system, customers are able to manage their marketing activities without placing a drain on resources. Swift Digital customers report that the reduction in required resources increases their capacity to pay more attention to the marketing strategy instead of struggling to come to grips with technology. This has a direct and measureable impact on ROI.

Delivering software as a service is not without it’s challenges however and security is high on every client’s checklist. With a client base that is largely made up of banking, insurance, government, accounting and legal practices security and privacy lie at the very foundation of the platform. “Our clients demand the absolute best when it comes to the protection of their data,” Paul Hodgso, Marketing Consultant& Founder, Swift Digital, says, “and it’s fast becoming the number 1 focus when companies are looking for solutions. No matter how good your product is, if it doesn’t meet the rigorous standards that IT demands you don’t get a foot in the door.”

Looking ahead, plans for international expansion are underway as well as some major development milestones due for release throughout 2016. These new developments will further cement the platforms positioning as a world class marketing solution.