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The Revery: Assuring Result Driven Marketing Solutions for B2B Tech Companies

As the technology sector gets increasingly competitive, the need for brands to be visible and clearly communicate their relevancy to potential customers’ day in day out has never been more important. For B2B tech companies however it often remains a difficult task to get across their message in a way that makes it easy for customers to buy. This is something The Revery, a B2B content marketing agency based in Melbourne, identified early on. Jodi Gaylard, Managing Director at the Revery says, “There was a real need for a bridge to be created between tech companies and the audience they were selling to. Audiences who often aren’t interested in the technical side of what they are buying but what the technology can do for them”.

One of the Revery mandates is to make the marketing of Tech businesses human at every customer entry point. Whether that be the language and design in content and advertising, or the user experience on the website. Jodi says, “It’s really about putting the customer front and center and developing marketing that makes Tech easy to buy.”

With the rise of social and digital media in the last decade the landscape for B2B tech companies to market to their customers has changed.
“Customers are reading and researching online a long time before they make contact with a business. It’s about being there at every part of a sales journey - from the recognition of a problem, to researching the problem, to the decision on which provider to choose. Marketing that works all the way along the sales funnel requires insight and creativity but also science in terms of creating systems that will allow a business to be seen and to be picked up by search engines”, Jodi says. The Revery has certainly crafted an approach that lives this model, with a custom combination of services that include brand, SEO, content marketing and traditional advertising The Revery ensures businesses are guiding the customer through from awareness to a sale. "We have been exposed to the full spectrum of marketing available to businesses throughout our careers, which has allowed us to pick and choose from the aspects of marketing that will get the very best results", adds Nerissa Atkinson, Creative Director.

The Revery has always put prolific efforts into assisting B2B tech businesses

The Revery has always put prolific efforts into assisting B2B tech businesses. Since its inception the organization has served businesses across Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Dallas and London. It proudly counts many leading names in its client base including Movideo, DonRiver, Noojee, and Dailycare to name a few. Going forward they will continue to create success stories for B2B tech companies located across geographies including expanding into Asia and brands that have a focus in this region.