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Third Pillar Business Applications Inc.: Propelling Growth through Cutting-Edge Technology and Consulting Solutions

The course of action taken by any business greatly relies on the needs of its customers and the trends that rule the market. The past few years have witnessed the growth of technology as a major enabler that every business needs to adapt to. Most critical business procedures, particularly sales and marketing are now driven by technology. Availability of Salesforce and other new age technology platforms has helped businesses refine their processes and consequently the outcomes as well. Technology has also extended the reach of sales and marketing efforts initiated by businesses. Thus, the corporate sector has now recognized the value of incorporating technology into their operations and is seeking to leverage platforms such as Salesforce to become more competitive.

There is a budding need for technology upgrade among businesses, which is aptly addressed by technology experts. This is where Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. steps in as a front runner. Based in Philippines, Third Pillar is an information technology consultancy, which helps businesses fulfill their objectives in the areas of data quality, sales, procurement and financial reporting.The brain child of a technology enthusiast Jennifer S. Ligones, Third Pillar helps build a strong foundation for every organization’s continued growth.The company was born out of Jennifer’s belief to collaborate with the industry's best and brightest so as to provide high-end services to the third party customers. Jennifer has a proven track record of having worked with industry leaders. Industry experience combined with her team's unwavering trust and commitment gave her the confidence to set up a company that can match or even exceed the services offered by multinational companies.

Third Pillar offers expert solutions for Data Governance, E-Procurement, SAP Business Planning and Financial Consolidation. Another significant service area that Third Pillar focuses on is sales & marketing. The Third Pillar team delivers sales and marketing aid to help organizations boost revenue and customer service. It provides proven premium solutions that are designed to transform businesses into innovative, competitive and revenue earning organizations. It combines technology and innovation to appositely deal with its clients’ specific requirements. To work in this direction, Third Pillar has forged multiple strategic alliances with the leading corporations. In a short span of time, the company has associated with the best from the industry to further empower its clients’ sales and marketing operations through technological excellence.

Gaining from Strategic Alliances
With increasing competitiveness across industries, it has become essential for businesses to stand out in the crowd. Thus, there remains a need for them to induce innovation into their operations beyond the day-to-day business operations. Besides, with customers getting cautious of the smallest details about the experience they gain from the service provider’s end, it has become crucial for businesses to keep up with the newest technologies and implement the same into their operations for increased fluency. Third Pillar aims to bring competitive solutions to these issues by striking associations with leading corporations. “Third Pillar’s strategy is to forge alliances with proven global leaders. For its sales and marketing business solutions, it has forged a partnership with Salesforce.com, a company with over 200,000 customers worldwide,” explains Jennifer S. Ligones, President and CEO, Third Pillar Business Applications Inc. The company employs the mobile cloud technologies of Salesforce.com in its sales and marketing system to acquire a better understanding and appreciation of its service. Having associated with Salesforce.com, the company is now exposed to its inner working and also has access to the latest trends and technologies. The other major key associations that have helped Jennifer take the enterprise to the next level are with BackOffice Associates, Consus Global Consulting, and CPM Consulting. These associations have significantly helped Third Pillar’s clients deliver increased impact to its clients.

Bringing Expert, Customer Centric Solutions to the Fore
By partnering with global IT companies, the company has got access to the latest trends and technologies as well as knowledge of these organizations' operational systems. Thus, it is an active observer of how matters unfold in the global arena. However, the organization does a lot more than just observe. Third Pillar is supported by a team of consultants equipped with industry and technical competencies, who ensure to execute every project with utmost excellence. “We have the ability to identify leading global solutions providers
and complement these solutions with our network of subject matter experts and technical consultants to deliver the most suitable solution for our clients,” adds Jennifer.

Third Pillar aims to be a globally recognized business partner delivering best in class services and solutions. Thus, maintaining lasting relationships with the customers has also been on the top of its priority list. Detailing the company’s customer-centric approach, Jennifer says, “Our greatest strength is our strong relationship with our customers. We have their unequivocal trust in being able to provide them with the best combination of products and services to help them achieve their goals. We are proud that our services have contributed to our customers 99% corporate data accuracy and sustainability of data quality; more than 18% annual savings on procurement spend with a recent customer realizing 14 times Return on Investment (ROI) in less than a year; and significant improvement in sales, marketing and customer satisfaction.” When it comes to comprehending its customers’ needs, the company never settles for less. And, its partnerships with global leaders serve as an apt testimony to this. Before implementing any new technology solution, the company first identifies its clients’ needs for improved business impact. Third Pillar aligns its objectives with those of its clients’ and provides them with solutions to help them be more competitive and innovative.

Third Pillar aims to bring competitive solutions to these issues by striking associations with leading corporations.

Ever since its inception, the organization has wisely handled challenges befalling its clients, one of which is keeping up with the evolving technologies. With the budding social landscape and developments in the technological space, a large segment of businesses is realizing the need for Sales Force Automation and Marketing Application Services. The Third Pillar team helps such businesses access the newest technologies to implement the same into their operations. Besides, it works on identifying the customers’ customers and understanding their needs to equip their sales team with the right tools. Detailing the company’s approach, Jennifer explains, “Before introducing a particular solution to our customers, we make a complete and thorough assessment of their needs. We then execute industry solution implementation methodology and best practices with seasoned IT consultants and subject matter experts. The incorporation of Third Pillar Global Delivery Center ensures the successful execution of every project.”

1/1/1 Corporate Social Responsibility Model
Third Pillar doesn’t just believe in creating growth opportunities for its clients but also carries the corporate social responsibility as a major element of its approach. The company goes beyond following legal, ethical and economic responsibilities and abides by the principles of corporate citizenship to contribute to building a progressive and sustainable community. As an efficient effort in this direction, the company has adopted the 1-1-1 model to help leverage people, technology and resources to build collective knowledge and strengthen the community. The 1-1-1 model is an inspiration from Salesforce’s CEO, Marc Benioff. By sticking to this model, the company plans to give 1% of its time, 1% of its revenue and 1% of its product to society as part of an integrated philanthropic approach. Third Pillar has always been responsible towards the environment. The company also empowers its staff to ensure significant contribution towards this. Jennifer adds, “Third Pillar believes that there are community projects which would greatly benefit from its experience and expertise in the field of information technology. By including its staff in its efforts at helping the community, Third Pillar hopes to inspire many others to help, creating a ripple effect which would hopefully result in more and more good deeds.”

Stepping into the Future
Consistent growth, like any other competitive firm, is a major priority for Third Pillar. The company wishes to continue to partner with leading global niche solutions providers alongside exploring regional opportunities for managed services, mobile apps and consulting services. It also considers developing industry specific solutions leveraging cloud-based platforms and mobile applications during the years ahead. The company will continue to hire more developers for its Global Delivery Center to meet the local and global needs of the customers. Further, the company has an objective to rapidly expand to nearby ASEAN regions before stepping into the international market. “Third Pillar is also building its own lineup of products and services both for the local and international market. It is Third Pillar's objective to develop a platform for which other products and services may be built on to help deliver business value to our customers,” concludes Jennifer.