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CBIG Consulting:Unlocking the Potential of Big Data and Cloud Technology

In this hyper connected business world, the volume, variety and pace at which data is generated continues to increase exponentially. This phenomenal growth presents a real challenge for those organizations that 1) must depend on deciphering the information that truly counts, given the sheer magnitude of this available data;and 2) hope to take advantage of opportunities that open up with advanced analytic methods.

Corporate entities’growing reliance on Big Data Analytics has inevitably led to replacing traditional technologies to better align products and services with customer needs and brand experiences. As an industry-leading business intelligence and data warehousing services provider since 2002, CBIG Consulting stands among the few that have truly mastered the art and science behind channeling the power of Big Data Analytics and Cloud technology to help clients pursue new business opportunities and gain market share.

First and foremost, CBIG is dedicated to sharing its unmatched, proprietary best-practice approach to provide customers with the means to discover, develop, and realize their data-centric business goals.Cameron Price, CBIG’s General Manager for the Asia-Pacific Region, says, “Our job is to provide the roadmap that will guide our clients toward achieving long term solutions that can positively impact their business.” Our work spans across today’s leading, proven technologies to achieve measurable benefits for most industries from strategy and planning through implementation and beyond with sustainability in mind to assist enterprises throughout the life cycle of their system solution.

CBIG is unlike many consultants who employ subject matter expertise in only one or two areas.Led by one Principal throughout the life of a given project,CBIG uniquely engages with client sto develop a true understanding of their business before recommending any solution.

CBIG Lean™ analytics service offers an innovative, more streamlined approach to data management and analysis, which is easier to deploy and maintain in the longer term

Taking the project direction and scope from this strategic management consulting session,CBIG pivots to its technical delivery teams for development and deployment,and then finally brings support services professionals to complete the solution’s lifecycle. adheres to best practice methodologies while developing these assessments,roadmaps,delivery and support systems, providing POV exercises as required for test recommendations.

For client organizations that require more strategic-based services, CBIG’s management consulting team provides marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, and data monetization initiatives. For businesses that require new processes in weeks, not months, CBIG Lean™ analytics service offers an innovative, more streamlined approach to data management and analysis, which is easier to deploy and maintain in the longer term. By enabling faster access and control of corporate data, this amalgamation of lean technology with the power of cloud technology delivers transformative results, giving clients secure, fully-managed solutions with better user access to data, dashboards, and advanced analytics at the required scale and speed.

Having accomplished more than 500 projects since 2002,the firm’s work has been recognized with awards from many industry analysts over the years. Looking at the huge demand for CBIG Lean™ technology and CBIG’s cloud solutions throughout the Asia Pacific region, CBIG plans to expand offices beyond its current locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, and Singapore. It is also introducing strategic programs in Marketing Analytics, Competitive Intelligence, and Data Monetization that have already enjoyed success in other regions. Through its unique consulting approach CBIG is maintaining its commitment to advancing innovation and adding industry specific solutions to its basket of services, which will go a long way in resolving the challenges clients often face.