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25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers

Infforay: Delivering Fast and Cost Effective Information Management Solutions

All companies collect invaluable data. Truly innovative companies use that data to their advantage. Data mature organisations consolidate data through enterprise data warehouses (EDW) and data lakes. Adapting to modern techniques of data consolidation and integration becomes imperative because these solutions easily allow companies to analyse and harness business value from underlying data sources by deriving meaningful information from large amounts of data, from ever increasing sources of data. Consequently, strategic decision making becomes more reliable and effective. Infforay, founded in 2009, is an enterprise focusing on delivering innovative EDW and business intelligence solutions to bring value out of data residing in every company.

Infforay helps clients overcome challenges associated with sourcing and integrating multi-channel data for analysis. . “With Infforay, enterprises get to leverage the company’s thought leadership, frameworks, products and industry experience and gain meaningful, faster and cost effective BI solutions,” adds Tushar Bamnolkar, CEO & Founder, Infforay. The company’s EDW, big data and business intelligence solutions facilitate predictable business management, built upon systems to eliminate data quality problems, thereby ensuring qualitative, timely and meaningful delivery of information to make quick and smarter decisions.

Infforay’s portfolio combination of BI and data analytics tools have helped global customers implement an agile approach to integrate with existing or new EDW architecture. Architectural components developed in-house by Infforay R&D include, Data Mapping Portal, a unique solution providing standardization to business rule mapping processes, that tie a company’s unique business processes to the data store, with capabilities to log, approve, trace, track and audit data flow across the lifecycle of a project.

For the Airport Industry, Infforay offers prebuilt solutions for multi-tier analytics across various aspects of airport management. Clients are offered solutions with flexibility to choose modular components or single turnkey packages covering infrastructure, data transformation, consolidation and analytics across various platforms such as desktops and mobiles. This offers superior automation thereby reducing manual input errors, input time, faster project execution and greater compliance for entities requiring the highest standards of accuracy; thus offering the highest levels of services and experiences to all visitors.

For clients with post-execution considerations, Infforay builds mature Managed Services frameworks for governance, enhancement, monitoring & tuning and continuity of implemented solutions. A portfolio of ‘brand-driven’ solutions is offered to maximise smooth integration of platforms and eliminate additional costs for clients. “The firm consciously focuses on bringing analytical solutions to clients built upon the foundations of their business process, ensuring end deliverables are business-aligned. KPI’s are met, clients are happy, business continues as usual” further adds Tushar. As a key element, the company focuses on delivering analytical solutions at ‘rational’ costs while ensuring quality remains unhampered. Additionally, Infforay empowers its skilled team to maintain and enhance capabilities and support latest technologies, which reflects positively in the client experience.

Infforay offers a portfolio of ‘brand-driven’ solutions and uniquely developed products that stay focused on driving key business values for all their clients

Going forward, Infforay’s partnership with Apar Technologies, a provider of IT services, will help to emerge as a Global BI solutions provider. Tushar concludes, “Infforay is well positioned to continue with its strategic growth into developing and supporting Big Data - Analytics solutions and support clients with developing innovative next generation analytics, delivering data driven value”.