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25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers

Jedox: Empowering Users with Strong Governance

Companies have a tough task to deliver the next wave of user-driven BI solutions. Most IT departments tried to meet objectives through traditional BI that turned out to be expensive, slow, and frustrating for users. It was too centralized and too rigid. Jedox is redefining the IT-business relationship by empowering users while enabling IT to preserve strong governance. Jedox’s Business-Driven Intelligence platform securely manages corporate data, business rules and advanced in-memory planning while giving users unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

It’s a compelling combination. Jedox users are growing quickly across Asia, with companies such as Asahi,Bosch, Konica, NTT,Unilever, Uniqlo, Wesfarmers Workwear, and public agencies like Singapore Maritime Ports Authority to Malaysian EPU all choosing Jedox. David Upton,VP Asia, explains,“The Jedox story goes like this: Every day, business processes fail people procurement departments managing costs, executives managing performance against targets because they rely on disconnected and outdated spreadsheets. So we enable companies to align planning with execution by empowering users.”

For years, IT departments battled complex spreadsheet based processes and depended on the old-guard of monolithic solutions from SAP, Oracle, and IBM. Some companies implemented Data Discovery and visualization excellent solutions like Tableau and Qlik only to find they couldn’t forecast and plan because there was no modelling or writeback capability. Other companies tried to “kill Excel”. Cloud-only vendors like Anaplan and Adaptive proposed to restrict user to the web. The problem was that business users have been using Excel all their working life. If companies throw out Excel, they lose corporate IP.
They burden IT with a consultant dependent process while users still export to Excel because it’s the only place they are empowered. That creates anarchy.

Jedox solves this by making planning and analytics available anywhere, so users can work where they are most comfortable, “You’re a Sales Exec on the road? Adjust your topdown territory forecast directly through Salesforce on your smartphone.A Finance analyst? Control Cash Flow assumptions seamlessly through Excel and report through Powerpoint.”And Jedox runs everywhere. “IT departments in regulated industries with unique data governance rules can still run Jedox in their own environments. While fast growing organizations wanting to scale quickly on demand can use the Jedox cloud. To be agile, you must be flexible.”

Jedox cloud is the fastest way to transform business processes with real-time planning and analytics

Over 1,800 companies worldwide already use Jedox. A single customer like Zimmer has 2,500 users who depend on Jedox every day. In Asia, the company recorded 227% software growth in the last year. Asia is a cloud leader with one of the highest cloud adoption rates worldwide. So the Jedox cloud is the fastest way to transform business processes with real-time planning and analytics. Companies can connect securely to data lakes and corporate systems like SAP and Salesforce so executives can align objectives with results, and instantly measure performance.

Jedox achieves high analyst assessment including the BARC BI Survey 2015, Gartner Cool Vendor, Gleanster #1 Overall Value, #1 Customer Satisfaction. The company has distilled the art of innovation, as David concludes, “While Jedox has big data for planning with GPU Acceleration, Production Intelligence 4.0, analytics depth through R and connectivity to solutions like Cloudera, business users mostly love Jedox because they can seamlessly collaborate anywhere. They love Jedox because it’s easy to use.”